Kenya to train more Anti-doping experts

Feb 01, 2013

Kenyan Government will partner with Norwegian Anti Doping Agency and China Anti Doping Agency CHADA to help train local expertise on anti-doping programmes.

Commissioner of Sports, Gordon Oluoch said that the government, with the help from China and Norway doping agencies will help Kenya to build Anti doping policies to help the country to draw best doping practices in the continent.

Oluoch who was accompanied by NOCK treasurer, Stephen Soi revealed this after a lengthy meeting with Norway Anti Doping Agency CEO, Anders Solheim.

CHADA officials did not attend the meeting but oluoch explained that the Chinese delegation who were not part of Friday's meeting in Nairobi are committed to the course.

“Kenya is very important sporting nation in the world of sport and its very important to strengthen anti doping programs here, I look forward to follow up on the program,” said Solheim.

Soi said there is need to fight doping in the country adding that Kenya Anti Doping Authority KADA which has been ‘existing only on records’ will be given a framework to operate after the enactment of the sports bill.

Anti doping conference kicks off next week  

The two officials defended the country from allegations Kenyan athletes ‘could’ be using banned substances to enhance their performances.

“Kenya is in clean sport.One of our policy as a country is to play it clean, win it clean and fair,” said Oluoch.

“The government has formed a taskforce which is composed anti narcotic police, lawyers and doctors to look into the allegations by the foreign media that our athletes are engaged in doping and very soon the team will hit the ground as soon as next weeks,” added Oluoch.

“Doping has not been effective in the country, there are no legal frameworks to operate but we want to take advantage of the sports policy to help KADA to educate kenyans on the doping cases,” added the commissioner.

The program may kick off sometimes after April, after the next meeting which will discuss the financial cost of the project.

Next week, Kenya will host a regional, Zone five, Anti doping conference to train more doping control officers. Soi added that currently, the country has only one qualified officer.


 Elvince Joshua

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