Kenyan Sports Policy re-launched

Sep 30, 2010



The Kenya Government on Thursday set in motion plans to enact laws to regulate sports management.

 Sports Minister Dr Paul Otuoma re-launched the Sports Policy in Nairobi, which has been gathering dust on the shelves and announced he will table the Sports Bill in Parliament.

It appears the minister is taking advantage of the new dawn in the country with a new constitution to pass laws, which will rail road the badly managed industry.

The Kenya Sports Policy was produced in 2002 and to operationalize the document, Parliament passed the Sessional Paper No.3 of 2005, on sports development.

Otuoma said the Policy just like the Sports Department has been largely dormant and also lacked legal backing.

“The Policy framework is intended to streamline and harmonize all aspects of sports by acting as a reference and guideline by outlining procedures in planning, organizational and management of sports. Sports is an industry that should be able to regulate itself with the Government only acting as a catalyst" 

The re-launch heralds a new dawn for Kenyan Sports, which is characterized by poor state of management and corruption. Unlike most sporting nations including South Africa which gained independence three decades after Kenya, the country has never amended its sporting policies the functions of its Sporting department which was established in 1987 through a presidential decree after the All Africa Games in Nairobi.

Once passed the proposed laws will streamline all aspects of management and operations of the Federations.

According to the policy paper there will be clear policies on

•                Sports and national Development

•                Improving the quality of sports in the country

•                Sports Funding and Marketing which will focus on fundraising and sports publicity

•                Sports Facilities,Goods and Equipment

•                Athletes Career Education and placement to complement their active careers in sports

•                National Sports Institute that will address performance standards and training needs

•                Legal Framework that will provide protection against malpractices against established sporting norms

•                `The co-ordination and administration of Sports with clear and well defined roles.

The re-launch comes amid a growing public outcry over the management of soccer in the country. Quoting clauses of the FIFA statutes, the sports Minister said he would not relent in his fight to bring sanity in the management of Kenya most popular sport.

“This is not Government interference. We also have national interest and our national interest supersede our international commitments,” said Otuoma.

The two factions running soccer in the country, Football Kenya Limited (FKL)which has FIFA backing and Kenya Football Federation(KFF) are set to hold an all inclusive elections in December 2010. 

Evelyn Watta

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