Aura steers Kenya Lionesses to semis against hosts Tunisia

By sportsnewsarena correspondent
Sep 17, 2017

Sinaida Aura scored four of the seven tries as Kenya Lionesses beat Morocco 47-0 to reach the semi-final of the Rugby Afrique Women's Sevens qualifiers in Monastir, Tunisia.

This was a formality match for Kenya against a team which finished bottom of the pile after the opening day.

In this match, Kenya were more composed and dictated the pace playing in the face of their much 'smaller' opponents.

Morocco barely crossed Kenya's half in the second period.

Philadelphia Olando, the Kenya Lionesses captain showed intent from the opening kick picking the ball and ploughing through three Moroccan players before the ball was recycled for Aura to score her first try under the posts which Janet Okello converted.

From the restart, Morocco let the ball bounce into touch and from the line out, the ball passed though a few hands before Doreen Remour sold a dummy before the ball landed in the hands of Aura to score her second under the posts. Okello converted to stretch the lead 14-0.

Okello turned provider for Sheila Chajira who scored the third try which was converted by Okello.

Before the break, Celestine Masinde scored the fourth try for a 28-0 lead.

On resumption, Aura scored her third try after Morocco attempted to clear the ball. Okello drilled a conversion from wide to stretch the lead 35-0.

Kenya were awarded a penalty try before Aura had the last say for the win.

South Africa matched Kenya's tally by posting a similar result against Senegal in the second match. They scored seven tries against Senegal who were given five yellow cards.

Day two, September 17

Match 13: 1 v 8 Kenya 47 Morocco 0; Match 14: 2 v 7 South Africa 47 Senegal 0; Match 15: 3 v 6 Tunisia 24 Zimbabwe 7; Match 16: 4 v 5 Madagascar 5 Uganda 12 (11.36).

Ranking matches

Match 17: Loser M13 Morocco v Senegal Loser Match 14 (12.28).

Match 18: Loser Match 15 Zimbabwe v Madagascar Loser Match 16 (12.50).

Cup semis

Match 19: Winner M13 Kenya v Tunisia Winner Match 15 (1.12).

Match 20: Winner Match 14 South Africa v  Uganda Winner Match 16 (1.34).

Match 21: 7/8 Loser Match 17 v Loser Match 18 (2.16).

Match 22: 5/6 Winner Match 17 v Winner Match 18 (2.38).

Match 23: 3/4 Loser Match 19 v Loser Match 20 (3 p.m.).

Match 24: Final Winner Match 19 v Winner Match 20 (3.22).

Day one results

Pool A: South Africa Uganda, Tunisia, Morocco.

Pool B: Kenya, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Madagascar

Order of play, September 16: South Africa 45 Morocco 0, Uganda 10 Tunisia 15, Kenya 27 Madagascar 5, Zimbabwe 15 Senegal 5, South Africa 17 Tunisia 7, Uganda 29 Morocco 0, Kenya 38 Senegal 0, Zimbabwe 17 Madagascar 28, South Africa 25 Uganda 0, Tunisia 33 Morocco 0, Kenya 47 Zimbabwe 0, Senegal 0 Madagascar 36.

1. Kenya, 2. South Africa, 3. Tunisia, 4. Madagascar, 5. Uganda, 6. Zimbabwe, 7. Senegal, 8. Morocco 

 Compiled by Eric Odanga