Drivers gear up for season ender Guru Nanak rally

Oct 31, 2012

The 33rd edition of the KCB Guru Nanak Rally is set to produce fireworks in Kedong and Suswa territories on the weekend of November 17-18.

The prestigious event, first staged in 1973 and won by Vic Preston Sr/Bill Parkinson in a Mercedes Benz 250, is set to culminate the eight-leg 2012 KCB Kenya National Rally Championship,KNRC series.

Clerk of the course Surinder Thatthi and Event Director Dali Kalsi have set up a technical route whose stages are synonymous with those of WRC Safari Rally. This year's Guru Nanak will feature seven competitive stages.

CS1 will be a 33km stage preceding the 57 "endurance-test" section which Surinder describes as "very rough and rocky".

This will be followed by a kilometer super special stage and onward into service at Namuchunga near the Satellite Station.

After service-out, cars will then tackle the 28kilometer stage before repeating the super special twice and the 33 kilometre section. Surinder said they have resorted to all-weather roads in anticipation of next month's El Nino rains.

"We were unable to use the roads around Kajiado to avoid a similar scenario in the Safari where rains wrecked havoc," said Surinder who is also the one of the World Governing Body, FIA Vice Presidents.

"The 57km stage is a bit rough because we had no suitable roads in Kajiado. All other stages are fine," explained Surinder.

This year's Guru Nanak will feature a total of 351km of which 153 is competitive.

Most of the 2012 championship titles were sealed during the penultimate KCB Eldoret Rally. Carl "Flash" Tundo and his partner Tim Jessop sealed the KNRC drivers and navigators' titles.

Kisumu based Jassi Chathe and his co-driver Gugu Panesar also claimed Division 3 titles and so was the Mombasa duo of Nadeem Kana and James Mwangi who bow have the 2WD title in the bag.

The KNRC Division 2 title went down to the wire and it will be interesting to see how Don Smith, Manvir Baryan and Coast Pekee's Izhar Mirza battle it out on home stretch.

The Simba Union organized event renews the rivalry between state-of-the-art Subaru N series contraptions and the high-flying Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions.Alastair Cavenagh, Tundo and Ian Duncan have dominated the stages on the Mitsubishis much to chagrin of their Subaru adversaries Baldev Chager, Quentin Mitchell and Onkar Singh Rai.

The Monster Energy/Dalbit Petroleum team of 2 times former KNRC winners Cavenagh and Tundo has proven almost impossible to catch this season having won 6 of the 7 rallies held thus far.

Cavenagh has proven that he is the one to catch having set the highest number of fastest stage times.

Guru Nanak, an event organized by the Kenyan Sikh community, promises to be a thrilling event with Tundo, Duncan and Cavenagh battling for each second on every stage.


 Samson Ateka

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