General elections prompt changes in Shooting calendar

Jan 21, 2013
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The March elections has prompted the Kenya Regiment Rifle Club to adjust their full-bore competition. Minor changes have been made and the Eleanor Malik Trophy will now be shot on January 26 instead of 27.

This will be fired at 300, 500 and 600 meters with two sighters and 10 counting shots. Mordaunt Trophy, fired at 300, 600, 800 and 900 meters will now be held over two days on February 9 and 10 instead of February 24 while the Pepsi Cola Trophy will be on February 27.

It was originally planned for February 10. Another competition which has been changed because of the General Elections is the Trade Wise Logistics which will be shot on March 23 and 24 from the original date of March 9 and 10.

With these changes, the shooting calendar which runs from January 13 to December 7 when the Uhuru Shoot brings the curtains down on the full-bore shooting calendar, there is a total of 16 shooting competitions locally.

UK Bisley is the only foreign competitition lined up 

The only outgoing tour will be the UK Imperial Bisley Meeting in England on June 25 and 26. Last year Kenya, one of the regular entrants from Africa missed the event because of internal matters.

But this year, there are plans to hold a UK Bisley team individual training and team shoot coaching from May 5-31 at the Stoni Athi Range.

The UK Bisley team will include at least two women competitors because of the gender balance. There were 10 women at the opening shoot. Wilberforce Kirema, the new KRRC full-bore captain argues that the training will help the shooters prepare adequately for the UK Bisley.

Already, arrangements are being made to acquire the standard competition bullets, the 155mm grain which are known for their accuracy and reliability.

It is the 155mm grain bullet which is used at the UK Bisley. Also, there are plans by the Kenya Defense Forces to purchase new guns from the England.

This is a major investment by the KDF who made a similar commitment in 2008 and it impacted the performance of the team in the UK Bisley. It is not clear whether Kenya Police and Kenya Wildlife Society have the same intentions.

"It is unbelievable, the results which we attain by using old equipment. At the UK Bisley, every competitor has a state-of-the-art equipment," commented one of the civilian shooters. Six competitions will be shot over all distances.

Two long range events 

There are only two long range shooting competitions which are the Gun Score and Full Bore Long Range Weekend on September 15 and November 10.

The Mini Bisley to be fired at all distances is scheduled for March 30 and 31 and this will be folioed by the KWS Services Trophy on April 6 and 7 and the KDF shoot on April 20 and 21. It is from these three events that the final team for the UK Bisley will be selected.

The team begins camping on May 5-31 for specialized coaching and training before leaving for the UK BIsley.

To fine-tune the team and possibly make any changes, the final big competition before the UK Bisley is the Kenya Open Bisley from June 6-9 to be fired at all distances.

This is the biggest shooting event on the Kenya full-bore shooting calendar. Kerema added that there was big need for all the competitions to be sponsored.

"We only have a handful of sponsors among them Trade Wise Logistic, Art Safaris, KWS and KDF. We need sponsors especially for the Mini Bisley and the Kenya Open and hope that Pepsi Cola can sponsor the competition on February 27," he said.

The average sponsorship for the top two competitions - Mini and Kenya Bisley - is from Ksh100,000 to 150,000 while the smaller shoots attract a sponsorship of Ksh50,000 each.

Upgrade of Stoni Athi range 

Access to the Stoni Athi Range where on a lucky day one could see a variety of wildlife animals roaming the expansive semi-arid land will be improved when one of the local universities upgrades an access road, off Mombasa Road.

Work is expected to begin in February.

 The KRRC small-bore calendar has also been released. All the competitions will be held at the Kenya Police General Service Unit range. The first competition is on January 20.

KRRC Full Bore Calendar January 13: Opening Shoot; January 26: Eleanor Malik Trophy; February 9-10: Mordaunt Trophy; February 27: Pepsi Cola Trophy; March 23-24: Trade Wise Logistic; March 16-17: Art Safaris Trophy; March 30-31: Mini Bisley; April 6-7: Kenya Wildlife Service Trophy; April 20-21: Defence Forces Shoot; May 5-31: UK Bisley Team Individual Training and Team Shooting Coaching; June 6-9: Kenya Open Bisley; June 25-26: UK Bisley Imperial Meeting at Bisley, England; August 24-25: Full Bore Target Rifle Weekend; September 15: Gun Score; October 5-6: Brian Hawkins Trophy; October 26-27: Nairobi Sports House Trophy; November 10: Full Bore Long Range Weekend; December 7: Uhuru Shoot. KRRC Small Bore Calendar January 20: Color Tunes; February 17: Color Tunes Cup; March 28: Teepol Cup; April 14: Taws Cup; May 19: IPBS Cup; June 15: Rock Plant; June 16: Mini Bisley; June 30: Color Tunes; July 21: Parklands; August 4: Teepol Cup; August 18: Roy Parcel Services; September 1: Taws Cup; September 15: Universal F&B; October 6: Nairobi Crank Shaft; October 13: Mars Mechanical; November 3: Rock Plant; November 16: Press Masters; November 17: IPBS Kenya Open. All competitions at GSU Range, Embakasi.


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