Kenya’s Mutai wins Boston Marathon in fastest time ever

Apr 18, 2011
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Kenya's Geoffrey Mutai won the Boston Marathon in an official record time of 2 hours 3 minutes and 2 seconds, breaking the previous Boston record set last year by countryman Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot (2:05::52) by more than two minutes.


However, while Mutai has a world record time, it will not be recognized as such internationally in part because of the hilliness of the Boston course.

Kenya's Moses Mosop, who ran stride for stride with Mutai as they turned on to Boylston Street and until the final 600 meters, finished second, four seconds back.

Gebregziabher Gebremariam, winner of the New York Marathon, took third.

American Ryan Hall, who led early in the race, finished fourth in 2:04:55. It's the all-time fastest marathon time by a US runner under all conditions.

"I knew right away (it was going to be a good day)," said Hall. "I knew early as I was running through the streets and getting high fives and encouragement that it was going to be something special. . . . Everyone was out there was like my brothers and sisters cheering me on. It was awesome.”

It should come as no surprise that Kenyan Caroline Kilel is already hoping she gets a chance to run the Boston Marathon for a second time next year.

After all, the Kenyan's debut here couldn't have gone any better. Kilel fended off Desiree Davila of the United States to win the women's race with an official time of 2 hours 22 minutes 36 seconds.

"I'm happy because I won a close one," said Kilel. "I love Boston. I would love to run here many times if they invite me. I feel very lucky."

Kilel wasn't exaggerating when she called it close. She edged Davila, a Michigan native who was urged along by chants of "USA, USA," and briefly raised her arms to encourage the crowd, by just two seconds.

"It was just a perfect day for me . . . other than not winning," said Davila, who set a new standard for US women in the Boston race.

The Arizona State product led for much of the latter half of the race. She swapped leads with Kilel twice in the final minutes, first turning on to Hereford Street, and again during the final stretch, leading with 200 yards to go.

But Kilel, who said her legs felt great even with 100 meters to go, kicked past her and held on to win her second marathon this year, the first coming in Frankfurt.

Davila said she had nothing left in the tank by the end.

"I thought maybe I could stay side by side [Kilel] and edge past her at the finish, but my legs were just gone," Davila said.

Another Kenyan Sharon Cherop was third.

Top Men Finishers

1.            Geoffrey Mutai                                     KEN            2:03:02

2.            Moses Mosop                                                KEN            2:03:06

3.            Gebregziabher Gebremariam            ETH            2:04:53

4.            Ryan Hall                                                USA            2:04:58

5.            Abreham Cherkos                                    ETH            2:06:13

6.            Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot                        KEN            2:06:43

7.            Philip Kimutai Sanga                                    KEN            2:07:10

8.            Deressa Chimsa                                    ETH            2:07:39

9.            Bekana Daba                                                ETH            2:08:03

10.            Juan Carlos R. Cardona, Sr.                        COL            2:12:17



Top Women Finishers

1.            Caroline Kilel                                                KEN            2:22:36

2.            Desiree Davila                                    USA            2:22:38

3.            Sharon Cherop                                    KEN            2:22:42

4.            Caroline Rotich                                    KEN            2:24:26

5.            Kara Goucher                                                USA            2:24:52

6.            Dire Tune                                                ETH            2:25:08

7.            Werknesh Kidane                                    ETH            2:26:15

8.            Yolanda B. Caballero                        COL            2:26:17

9.            Alice Timbilili                                                KEN            2:26:34

10.            Yuliya Ruban                                                UKR            2:27:00