Kenya Drops to Bowl in George Sevens

Dec 11, 2010

Kenya dropped to the Bowl after losing 5-21 to England on the opening day of the Emirates Airline Dubai Sevens.

This was a much better performance by Kenya who had been convincingly beaten 47-0 by New Zealand in the first match on friday.

Against England, Kenya held on until in the sixth minute when Gibson Weru scored the only try. Horace Otieno was sent to the sin bin in the eighth minute and Ben Gollings scored because of the numerical advantage. Two tries in the second half by John Brake and Isoa Damudamu sealed Kenya’s fate.

The match against Russia was expected to be physical and close. It was for a minute or so when Innocent Simiyu was red carded. The numerical advantage was there to be exploited and Russia won 34-5 with the only try by Gibson Weru.

Two cards in three matches speaks of the amount of pressure and frustration within the Kenya ranks considering that only two yellow cards were issued in the Emirates Airline Dubai Sevens. Simiyu was supposed to be the change that Kenya needed. As it turned out, he will remain a spectator when Kenya takes on Portugal in the Bowl quarter finals.

Overall, there were no major surprised on the opening day of the Emirates Airline George Sevens. New Zealand turned the tables on England and so did Argentina over Zimbabwe. Fiji and Samoa drew 14-14. Hosts South Africa who made four changes face England in the quarter final of the main cup.

Order of play, Saturday
Bowl quarter finals: Scotland v Namibia (10.38), Portugal v Kenya (11.00), Russia v Zimbabwe (11.22), USA v France (11.44).
Cup quarter finals: Wales v Samoa (12.06), South Africa v England (12.28), New Zealand v Argentina (12.50), Fiji v Australia (1.12).
Day one results
Pool A:
Australia 15 Wales 33
Tries, Australia: Ed Jenkins (2), Trent Dyer.
Tries, Wales: Rhodri Davies, Ifan Evans, Rhys Shellard, Richard Pugh, Aaron Shingler; Conversions: Gareth Davies (4).
Scotland 21 France 12
Tries, Scotland: James Fleming (2), Michael Fedo; Conversions: Andrew Skeen (3)
Tries, France: Camille Canivet, Renaud Delmas; Conversions: Terry Bouhraoua.
Australia 28 France 0
Tries, Australia: Hamish Angus (3), Trent Dryer, Bernard Foley, Tevita Kuridrani; Conversions: Hamish Angus (4).
Scotland 7 Wales 19
Tries, Scotland: Ross Samson; Conversion: Andrew Skeen
Tries, Wales: Tom Isaacs, Ifan evans, Richard Pugh; Conversions: Rhyn Jones, Gareth Davies.
Wales 29 France 12
Tries, Wales Aaron Shingier (4), Tom Isaacs; Conversions: Gareth Davies (2)
Tries, France: Paul Albaladejo, Jean Baptiste; Conversion: Paul Albaladejo.
Australia 21 Scotland 7
Tries, Australia: Hamis Angus, Gregory Jeloudev, Jonathon Lance; Conversions” Hamish Angus (3).
Try, Scotland: Dougie Fife; Conversion: Andrew Skeen.
Pool B
Samoa 24 USA 22
Tries, Samoa: Alafoti Fa’osiliva (2), Fautua Otto, Ofisa Treviranus; Conversions: Faotua Otto (2).
Tries, USA: Matt Hawkins, Nu’u Punimata, Mile Pulu, Miles Craigwell; Conversions: Shalom Suniula.
Fiji 47 Namibia 7
Tries, Fiji: Nikola Matawalu (2), Seremaia Burotu (3), Mitieli Nacagilevu, Watisoni Votu; Conversions: Nikola Matawalu (4), Mitieli Nacagilevu (2).
Try, Fiji: Attie du Plessis; Conversion: Justin Nel.
Samoa 43 Namibia 0
Tries, Samoa: Alafoti Fa’osiliva (2), Ofisa Treviranus (2), Mikaele Pesamino (2), Paul Chan Tung; Conversions: Faotua Otto (4).
Fiji 43 USA 5
Tries, Fiji: Seramaia Burotu (3), Mitieli Nacagilevu, Nasoni Roko, Josaia Lotawa, Saimoni Nuku; Conversions: Emosi Vucago (4).
Try, USA: Mile Pulu.
USA 33 Namibia 7
Tries, USA: Ronald Suniula (2), Colin Hawley, Mile Pulu, Mark Bokhoven; Conversions: Shalom Suniula (4).
Try, Namibia: Cecil Africa; Conversion: Howard Titus.
Samoa 14 Fiji 14
Tries, Samoa: Faotua Otto, Simaika Mikaele; Conversions: Faotua Otto, Mikaele Pesamino.
Tries, Fiji: Seramaia Burotu, Josefa Bole; Conversions: Emosi Vucago, Nikola Motawalu.
Pool C
New Zealand 47 Kenya 0
Tries, New Zealand: Tomasi Cama, Tim Mikkleson (2), Scott Curry, DJ Forbes, Frank Halai, Bryce Heem; Conversions: Tomasi Cama (6).
England 19 Russia 5
Tries, England: Dan Norton (2), Tom Powell; Conversions: Ben Gollings (2).
Tries, Russia: Vladimir Ostroushko.
New Zealand 33 Russia 7
Tries, New Zealand: Jack McPhee (2), Bryce Heem, Lote Raikabula, Toby Arnold; Conversions: Tomasi Cama (4).
Try, Russia: Nikolay Goroshilov; Conversion: Dmitriy Perov.
England 21 Kenya 5
Tries, England: Ben Gollings, John Brake, Isoa Damudamu; Conversions: Ben Gollings (3)
Try, Kenya: Gibson Weru.
Kenya 5 Russia 34
Try, Kenya: Gibson Weru.
Tries, Russia: Vladimir Oustroushko (2), Yury Gostyuzhez, Victor Gresev. Kirill Gubin, Vasily Artemyev; Conversions: Dmitriy Perov (2).
New Zealand 20 England 7
Tries, New Zealand: DJ Forbes, Declan O’Donnell, Frank Halai, Jackson Ormond.
Tries, Dan Norton; Conversion: Ben Gollings

Pool D
South Africa 38 Portugal 0
Tries, South Africa: Cecil Afrika, Kyle Brown (2), Bernardo Botha, Petrus Engelbrecht, Steven Hunt; Conversions: Cecil Afrika (3), Mark Richards.
Argentina 24 Zimbabwe 12
Tries, Argentina: Diego Palma (2), Gaston Revol, Francisco Cuneo; Conversions: Gonzalo Gutierezz Taboada, Joaquin Todeschini.
Tries, Zimbabwe: Gardner Nechironga, Wensley Mbanje; Conversions: Tangai Nemadire.
South Africa 33 Zimbabwe 7
Tries, South Africa: Cecil Afrka (2), Frankie Horne, Petrus Engelbretch, Bernardo Botha; Conversions: Cecil Afrika (4).
Try, Zimbabwe: Tafadzwa Chitokwindo; Conversion: Tangai Nemadire.
Argentina 26 Portugal 0
Tries, Argentina: Joaquin Todeschini, Walter Weiss, Francisco Cuneo, Diego Palma; Conversions: Joaquin Todeschini (3).
Portugal 26 Zimbabwe 19
Tries, Portugal: Sergio Franco, Joao Mirra, Goncalo Foro, Aderito Esteves; Conversions: Pedro Leal (3).
Tries, Zimbabwe: Gardner Nechironga (2), Manasah Sita; Conversions: Tangai Nemadire (2).
South Africa 29 Argentina 5
Tries, South Africa: Sibusiso Sithole (2), Kyle Brown, Paul Delport, Bernardo Botha; Conversions: Cecil Afrika (2).
Try, Argentina: Santiago Bottini.


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