Kenya teams in Podium finish at World Netball Championship

By francis marangu
Oct 17, 2013

Kenyan teams at the just concluded World Men's & Mixed Netball Championships in South Africa managed a podium finish with Australia Sonic emerging top in all categories. Kenya Prisons won silver in the male category with Ministry of Information and Communication, MOIC, returning home with bronze in the ladies.

Prisons lost 65-42 to Sonic in the final after seeing off Australia A 39-36 in the semis. MOIC lost 44-35 to Australia A in the semifinals but won 48-35 against New Zealand Sevens in the third place playoff.

Australia Sonic clinched gold in the men category and Australia A bronze. Sonic also conquered in the ladies side with gold while Australia A took bronze.

In the men's under-23 category, Sonic was the overall winner taking gold and New Zealand Sevens winning silver as Australia A settled for bronze.

Australia and South Africa had two teams each in all categories with the group matches played on a home and away basis owing to poor turnout.

Kenya lose hosting rights 

Seperately, Kenya has pulled out of playing host to the East and Central Africa Netball Challenge Cup that was due November.

The Kenya Netball Federation, KNF, had been given the nod but opted out in the last minutes due to financial constraints. KNF Secretary General Lillian Anupi has regretted the lost opportunity and Zanzibar will now host the tournament in January.

With financial difficulties becoming a major concern to the federation, Anupi says they will have to explore new means in ensuring the country is represented at the event.

They have already began engaging corporate companies to bring them on board as sponsors.

“We have started soliciting for funds early enough because relying on the government only can end up frustrating us. The federation has so far requested NOCK for financial support and we are waiting for their reply.”

Overall Standings and Results: Men- Australia Sonic (gold), Kenya (silver), Australia A (bronze); Ladies- Australia Sonic (gold), Australia A (silver), Kenya (bronze); Men Under 23- Australia Sonic (gold), New Zealand Sevens (silver), Australia A (bronze);

Collated Results: Men- South Africa 24 NZ Sevens 47, Australia Sonic 63 Australia A 34, South Africa A 25 Australia Sonic 73, NZ Sevens 38 Australia A 50, South Africa A 15 Kenya Prisons 39,NZ Sevens 38 Australia Sonic 74, Kenya Prisons 38 Australia A 27, South Africa A 31 NZ Sevens 39, Kenya Prisons 46 Australia Sonic 67, Kenya Prisons 41 Australia A 29, South Africa A 29 Australia Sonic 58, Kenya Prisons 37 NZ Sevens 28, South Africa A 25 Australia A 50, NZ Sevens 30 Australia Sonic 57, South Africa A 14 Kenya Prisons 45, NZ Sevens 33 Australia A 42, Kenya Prisons 36 NZ Sevens 34, South Africa A 25 Australia A 26, Australia A 33 Australia Sonic 76, Kenya Prisons 42 Australia Sonic 54; Semifinals- Kenya Prisons 39 Australia A 36, NZ Sevens 40 Australia Sonic 54; Playoffs- Australia A 48 NZ Sevens 39; Final- Australia Sonic 65 Kenya Prisons 42; Ladies- Austrailia Sonic 63 Australia A 34, South Africa A 31 NZ Sevens 60, South Africa A 15 Australia Sonic 83, NZ Sevens 40 Australia A 44, South Africa A 28 MOIC 36, NZ Sevens 11 Australia Sonic 65, MOIC 46 Australia A 43, South Africa A 23, NZ Sevens 54, MOIC 23 Australia Sonic 51, MOIC 41 NZ Sevens 26, South Africa 24 Australia A 49, MOIC 16 Australia Sonic 62, NZ Sevens 31 Australia A 42, NZ Sevens 30 Australia A 49, South Africa A 18 MOIC 56, Australia A 33 Australia Sonic 52, South Africa A 19 Australia Sonic 66, South Africa A 25 Australia A 54, MOIC 44 Australia A 35; Semifinals- Australia A 44 MOIC 35, Australia Sonic 66 NZ Sevens 44; Playoffs- MOIC 48 NZ Sevens 35; Final- Australia Sonic 63 Australia A 25.