KRU reaches out to disgruntled members

By francis marangu
Feb 11, 2015
  • Sasha Mutai was elected as chairman of the Kenya Rugby Union by a faction at a Special General Meeting on Tuesday. (Photo by Shutterspeed)

Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) has called for talks to solve the current leadership impasse that is worsening by the day.

Things reached a melting point on Tuesday when thirty clubs congregated at the RFUEA ground for a Special General Meeting (SGM) and 'elected' new leaders. There was minimal representation from Kenya Cup clubs.

The SGM was held despite concerted efforts by the union to stop it including securing a court injunction. Principal Magistrate in Kisumu issued the orders stopping KRU and Stormers RFC from continuing with the meeting.

Gabriel Ouko, the acting KRU chairman said on Wednesday that dialogue was the only way out of the problem. “We are open to dialogue with the participants of the improperly called SGM because we believe that rugby can only blossom with the input of every stakeholder,” he said in a letter copied to chairmen and secretaries of all affiliate clubs.

“We would like to reassure the rugby fraternity as well as all our stakeholders that we shall do everything within our power to resolve this issue.”

The new team is led by Sasha Mutai as chairman, Gerald Chege as vice chairman and Jack Okoth, a former CEO as secretary general.

There were fears that they would take over affairs at the union office. A spot check by for the better part of the day revealed that none of the new officlals showed up.

Most officials in Vegas

A source revealed that it might be impossible for the new team to take office at least for now. “Who will hand over the papers and other documents to them? Most of these officials are already in Las Vegas to support the sevens team. Some other clubs have categorically stated they are not ready to work with Jack.”

In his statement, Ouko alluded to the union having learnt of the new developments from a section of the media. He said they are aware of the decisions taken at the meeting including the purported election of new board members.

On behalf of the board, Ouko said the meeting did not meet the constitutional threshold thus was illegal by all means.

“Any decisions that were made at that meeting were unconstitutional. The bona fide Board of Directors is still in office and the union’s operations continue as usual,” he assured.

One of the 'new' board members Benjamin Ayimba, a former national seven-a-side coach has already distanced himself from the faction. He stated the the meeting was not done in good faith and "I was being used as a rubber stamp for an otherwise unaccredited group taking over the Union by force."

With the unfolding drama, the Cabinet Secretary under whose docket sports falls has been silent even after Kenya National Sports Council were present at the SGM.