Ndingiti wins Kenya's first medal in race walk

By emmanuel sabuni
Jul 15, 2017
  • The resilience of Dominic Samson Ndingiti saw Kenya win her first medal in the boy's 10,000m race walk. (Photo by Shutterspeed)

  • Lenah Nanjala lost 30 seconds but resumed the walk to finish 15th. (Photo by Shutterspeed)

Kenyan Dominic Samson Ndingiti set a good example of how his fellow Kenyans can win various medals in walking race in world championships.

It was a good show as he was the surprise winner of Kenya’s first bronze medal in the boy's 10,000m race walk at the IAAF World under-18 championships at the Moi Sports Centre Kasarani on Saturday morning.

With his fighting to the end spirit and endurance, Ndigiti earned the first bronze medal for Kenya who now have a tally of six - two gold, three silver and a bronze.

“I have set the pace for many Kenyans who will be taking waliking as a career which is not loved by many,” Ndingiti stated.

He could have gunned for a medal of another color had he not slowed after there was a confusion when one of the track judges stopped Indian Sunjay Kumar who was later disqualified.

After realizing he was not the one penalized in the one minute warning, he hastened to make up for the lost time but it was too late.

“That was the most embarrassing moment because in such world competition, a second matters a lot and I lost about 15. That was a big gap and it wasn’t easy for me dealing with world leaders in the competition,” added Ndingiti.

Used too much energy

Ndingiti admitted he used too much energy in the race as he did not have someone to set the pace because he was the only Kenyan on the track.

“It was hard walking since I was alone. If I had someone we could have done better compared to being a lone ranger but I did my best to have bronze,” said Ndingiti who crossed the finish line in 41:25.78.

Leading the race for almost 13 laps, Ndingiti faced a stiff competition from Chinese international Yao Zhang who walked to a world lead of 41:12.01 and Salavat Kozhevnikov (41:24.17) who took the silver.

But there was no consolation for Kenyan girl Lenah Wanjala who finished 15th in the girls’ 5,000m race walk.

Nanjala who was in the leading pack was taken off the track for 30 seconds. She could not gain the lost time on resumption but clocked 25:23.97.

Ecuador's Glenda Morejon won the second gold for her country in the walk. She clocked 22:32.30 ahead of Turkish international Meryem Bekmez with a silver timing 22:32.79 before Elvira Khasanova settled for bronze in 22:35.72.

Fourth day medal winners (Saturday medals)

10,000m walk race

Boys 1. Yao Zhang (CHN) - Gold, 2. Salavat Kozhevkov (ANA) - Silver, 3. Dominic Samson Ndingit (KEN) - Bronze.

5,000m walk race

Girls 1. Glenda Morejon (ECU) - Gold, 2. Meryen Bekmez (TUR) - Silver, 3. Elvira Khasanova (ANA) - Bronze.