New twist in Sikuta withdrawal from 7's team

By the punter
Apr 05, 2017
  • Innocent Simiyu, the Kenya Sevens coach admits the remuneration of players is pegged on their experience. (SNA. File Photo)

There is a new twist in the withdrawal of Dan Sikuta from the Kenya Sevens team on the eve of the team’s departure to Hong Kong on Monday.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Sikuta was prevailed upon not to travel with the Sevens team minutes after arrival from a camp in Mombasa.

This was due to the win by Kabras over Impala and the impending semi-final match.

World Rugby rules state that if the player is not available to play for country due to work commitments, the same player cannot be available for Club.

It will be interesting to see how the Union deals with Country and Club issues given that several clubs in the Kenya Cup semifinals such as KCB, Homeboyz, Kenya Harlequin FC all have call ups in the Sevens team.

An independent source at Kabras had a different view.

“Sikuta is employed at West Sugar Company and he’s never gone to work because of rugby commitments. We talked to the Kenya Sevens coach when the team arrived back from Las Vegas and Canada and told them of the position."

"The player was having issues with his employers and this needed to be sorted. He was not available for Hong Kong and Singapore. It is something the technical bench knew. We do not understand why they named him and the coach knew he was not available," the source explained.

While there is debate about Sikuta, it has emerged that there are cracks in the relationship between the Kenya Sevens and 15’s technical benches.

Our source says the 15’s technical bench gave four players ultimatums to chose between playing for the15’s or Sevens team.

The players are Cyprian Kuto, Darwin Mukidza, Alex Olaba and Martin Owilla.

Then, there is an issue whether the Sevens players signed the six-month contracts.

There is also discontent in the Sevens teams on the remuneration structure where players are paid according to the number of caps.

Simiyu explained that there is an agreed way to pay the players according to experience and it is only equitable for players with experience to directly negotiate with the coach their pay.

"It is a standard procedure which is adopted in the professional ranks worldwide,” Simiyu explained.