NOCK could jointly manage the All Africa games with Sports Kenya

By evelyn watta
Oct 06, 2015
  • Edith Mukuvilani (19)Leonida Kasaya (7) Judith Tarus (Libero) and Joy Lusenaka during their All Africa Games match against Algeria.NOCK May jointly mange AAG teams.(Photo:Mohammed Amin/AAGMC)

In what could be a turning point to the protracted struggle for control of the All Africa Games, AAG the Association of National Olympic Committees for Africa, ANOCA, has finally settled on the previous detested joint management and organisation of the event.

This means that the National Olympics Committee of Kenya,NOCK, could in future be involved in the organisation of the African games national teams, that has been solely managed by the National Sports Council under the Department of Sports.

The council will be intergrated under the Sports Kenya which cordinates and runs national and international sports programmes.

An extraordinary meeting of the Executive committee of ANOCA led by its President Lassana Palenfo held last week in Algeria, noted that it was important for the Olympic body to re-engage the African Union, AU, in order to revive the negotiations.

The Executive committee noted that a letter delivered to the AU assembly last year in Addis Ababa conveying the concerns of ANOCA and its desire to conform to the requirements of the Olympic Movement over the issue of ownership of the Games, was one of the reasons for the ministers’ misunderstanding.

African ministers met during the 10th edition of the games in Congo and reaffirmed that they would not in any way cede the ownership of the continent’s largest sporting fiesta.

Tripartite organisation 

A move that may have forced ANOCA to reconsider its push to control the games, that began as a political sporting outfit by the AU at the height of the apartheid struggle in South Africa.

The stand by the ministers who control and appoint the AAG management committees in their respective countries, forced ANOCA to hold the hurried extraordinary meeting in Algeria on September 27, that agreed it was imperative ‘to maintain the tripartite nature of the organization of the Games, which comprises AU, ANOCA and African Union Sports Council (UCSA)’.

After the dissolution of the Supreme Council of Sport in Africa, SCSA the sports Ministers and member countries transferred the organizational facets of the games to UCSA who failed to agree with ANOCA on key modalities of the games like marketing and promotion.

ANOCA had been adamant that under the current set-up it was impossible to organise high level games that could also act as an Olympic qualifier after the shambolic 2011 edition in Maputo (Mozambique), and a characterless event held in outstanding facilities in Brazzaville, that ended on September 19.

“The Olympic Movement in Africa is willing to continue partnering with the AU and governments in the promotion, management and organization of the Games.

Africa games are unique, ANOCA 

"ANOCA acknowledges that the African Games were unique in their origin and focus and that it was acceptable that governments should continue to be involved, supportive and acknowledged,” read the statement released by ANOCA after the meeting.

ANOCA had argued that top African athletes were shying away from the games due to the logistical challenges and the poor timing of the games,which were usually held after major world championships.

The undependable government funding also dissuaded top athletes from competing at the games.

But the latest resolution by ANOCA that has been communicated to its members means that the NOCs can influence the affiliated federations to make it a prerequisite to compete at the Pan African event, if they want to be considered for selection in their Olympic teams.

“ANOCA should also engage UCSA-member confederations to ensure that with the cooperation of International Federations, African Games are considered as qualifiers for future Olympic Games,” the statement continued adding the extra-ordinary meeting had been prompted by the need to promote sport, culture, education and Olympism in Africa.

ANOCA has been organising the Africa Youth games, which began with the inaugural edition hosted by Morocco who are not part of the AAG, and last year in Botswana.

The next edition of the All Africa games is scheduled to be hosted in either Accra (Ghana), Lusaka (Zambia) or Nairobi (Kenya).

The three Anglo countries announced they would bid to host the games at the conclusion of the games in Brazzaville which had Egypt topping the medal standings. Kenya finished among the top 10 nations.