NPCA suspends Sikh Union skipper Gurdeep Singh

By sportsnewsarena correspondent
Sep 24, 2017

Gurdeep Singh, the Sikh Union, Nairobi skipper and all-rounder Abdul Rehman will miss their club’s next two league matches including this Sunday’ top of the bill match against defending champions Stray Lions.

They have been suspended by the Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association (NPCA) for a breach of its 'Code of Conduct' during a league match.

The two were charged under Rule No. 6:  "Behaviour unbecoming that could bring the game of cricket into disrepute or be harmful to the interests of cricket."

This was after an incident during a league match between Sikh Union, Nairobi and Ruaraka Sports Club last Sunday.

During the match the players from both teams allegedly engaged one another  in a verbal exchange and fights before umpires David Odhiambo and David Asiji called off the match.

The two all-rounders met NPCA’s disciplinary committee on Tuesday September 19 where they were all found guilty.

“Despite your position as the captain of your team, your action on the ground by failing to adhere to the NPCA By laws, not controlling your teammates and disputing umpires’ decision and direction, you were found to have brought the game in disrepute. We also noted that even at the meeting, you showed no remorse whatsoever on your actions as stated above,” the ruling from NPCA read.

On the ruling against Rehman, NPCA instructed him not to be seen on a cricket ground, even as a spectator during his suspension.

NPCA also suspended Sikh Union's second team player Ali Mohammed for the rest of the season for having stormed into the playing field and engaging in both verbal and physical fights in the same match.

Sikh Union's next match will be at home against Kongonis next Sunday.