Opitos qualify for Kothbiro second round

By sportsnewsarena correspondent
Dec 16, 2016
  • Defending champions A1000 Street face Cheza Ukipenda in the first match of the second round. (SNA. File Photo)

After almost a month of battles, tears and cheers the group stages of the 2016 Annual Kothbiro Football Tournament have come to a close.

Opitos which fielded Eli Asiche, Ibrahim Kitawi, Osborne Monday, James Orundo, Aggrey Ongoli, Luis Misiko, Jacob 'Yobbo' Onyango, Michael Khamadi, Humphrey Mieno, Mohammed 'Sissoko' among others were the last team to qualify.

They convincingly beat Kibera-based Shofco 5-0. Opitos needed at least two clean goals to advance but after last week's draw against debutants Rongai FC, they came out with boots blazing.

From Simon Mburu's fourth minute stunner,  the die was cast. Additional goals by  as Elly Asiche (14th), Humphrey Mieno (55 th), Luis Misiko (79 th) and Aggrey Ongoli (80 th) saw Opitos qualify despite Shofco's resilience by some of the best players in Kenya.

The round of 16 kicks off today Friday,  with a great match pitting defending Champions A1000 Street against Cheza Ukipenda which is coached and managed by Denis Oliech.

All round of 16 matches will be played from 3 p.m.


Friday, December 16: 1000th Street v Cheza Ukipenda; Saturday, December 17: Country Bus v Nyoi; Sunday, December 18: Piureto v Headquarter; Monday, December 19: Interjinamory v Wenyeji; Tuesday, December 20: Beirut v Langata Gremio; Wednesday, December 21: Flats Tornados v Pumwani All Stars; Thursday, December 22: Githurai All Stars v Rongai Youth; Friday, December 23: Opitos v Young Achievers.