Rangers factions find common ground

Mar 10, 2011

The war over the ownership of Kenyan Premier League club, Rangers, appeared to come to a close on Thursday when the two antagonistic factions signed a memorandum of understanding.

The two warring groups told the KPL that the team would continue playing in the Premiership under the banner of “Rangers Football Limited”.

As Posta Rangers, the team took part in last year’s league under the sponsorship of Postal Corporation of Kenya but the institution withdrew its support this year.

Consequently, one group re-launched the club under “Rangers Football Limited” and another as “Rangers FC”.

Yobesh Ongeri, the former team manager of Posta Rangers headed the “Rangers Football Limited” faction while mainly former officials of Posta Rangers led the “Rangers FC” group.

In a letter to the Chief Executive Officer of KPL, Jack Oguda, they have now said they have agreed that, under “Rangers Football Limited”, the team is set to ensure good and transparent management.

O’Brien Wejuli, signing as secretary of Rangers FC and John K. Tonui as vice-chairman, were in the presence of the other signatories Yobesh Ongeri, Director/CEO of Rangers Football Limited and another director Fred Sawenja. The MoU was signed under Ashimosi Shitambasi & Associates Advocates.

It further said:

a). That the officials from the defunct Posta Rangers FC will work together as a team with Rangers Limited to ensure the smooth management of the team known as Rangers in the Kenyan Premier League.

b). That it was agreed that (the new managers) advice KPL and Football Kenya Limited (FKL) on the officials of the new management of Rangers Football Limited. c). That a new account with signatories from the defunct Posta Rangers FC and those from Rangers Football Limited (be opened) for the proper management of the Rangers football team.

An urgent meeting was set to pick the new officials. Three founder members of the defunct Posta Rangers FC will be inducted as well as a lawyer for each of the sides in the agreement.