Rudisha: ' I can break the world record in Paris tomorrow'

Jul 05, 2012

Kenya’s World 800m record holder David Rudisha is looking for a glossy finish to his pre-Olympic preparations, shedding of a few seconds off his 1:41.01 mark.

It has been almost two years, far too long, for the world champion who has been improving with each race.

“I came here with a world record in mind. I know I can break it tomorrow night,” he offered at the pre-race press conference at the Parisian offices of Areva.

He has been in perfect shape this season and he reckons he has the stage set for what could be another great moment on his imposing career record.

“I have my own pacesetter, Sammy Tangui. I guess the world record is possible. He will have to run 48:8/48:9 the first lap.” Tangui is the man who paced him to two world records in a span of two weeks in 2010.

First was the 1:41.09 run in Berlin on August 22, and then in Rielti.

“My times this season have been better than expected. At the African championships, in Nairobi, I run 1’42’’12 in high altitude.

That’s the day, I expected 1’43’’50. And I have been able to finish strong.”

He is probably in better shape than he was then, he went ahead and proved it with a fantastic race in Daegue where he won the world title.

“I’m in a good shape. I’m feeling great,”he noted.

“I haven’t been injured this year, my training has been excellent.”

Paris, will be his last race before the Olympics ,before returning to Kenya to wind up on his training.

“After Paris, I’ll be back home for a two weeks training, before joining the Kenyan team, “he said, confirmation that he like many other Kenyan runner will not be heading off to the pre-Olympics camp in Bristol, UK.

The Bristol camp has been spurned by Kenyan runners, who feel that the three weeks scheduled training at sea level, will destroy all the gains from the months of high altitude preparations.


 Evelyn Watta

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