Scramble for prime jobs with new Sports Law

Jan 15, 2013

The Focus will be on the caliber of the people who will be appointed to the various key positions under the new Sports Bill passed by parliament last week.

One of the key Positions is that of the Director-General who will be the Secretary of the Kenya Sports Development Authority (KSDA).

According to the gazetted requirements, such a person should have held a similar position or served in executive management in an institution of equal status for at least five years and has at least 10 years experience and proven competence in sports and facility management and operation of commerce, industry, finance or general administration.

Other positions are those of a Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya National Sports Institute and Secretary to the Sports Disputes Tribunal.

It will be interesting to see whether the same faces who have handled sports with a lukewarm attention and impunity will be elevated to the new positions or whether there will be a duplication with some of the personnel form the Ministry of Sports and Youth being appointed.

New law, fresh start? 

Or will it be a fresh start with new 'qualified' personnel being given a chance to give sports a new lease of life?

The main agenda for the new officials will be to market the new body because at the moment many of the sports organizations and the stake holders have drawn blanks on what the Sports Bill is all about.

Some of the officials of the sports organizations are awaiting instructions from the KSDA even though the majorities have already released their annual calendars.

Already, there are fears that there could be government interference in the running of some of the associations such as soccer that may jeopardize Kenya's chances in international competitions.

Sports Minister, Ababu Namwamba however allayed such fears saying the KSDA was going to effectively arbitrate without jeopardizing Kenya's relationship with international bodies.

Federations to design five year programs 

The most significant development or clause in the KSDA is a requirement by the Sports Organizations to re-register with the newly created Registrar of sports organizations within the next 12 months. 

Sports organizations will also be required to develop a five-year program. Another important provision if the appointment of technical officials by the sports organizations which will be required to seek authority or guidance from the KSDA before a 'foreign' technical official is hired.

This will give time for the KSDA time to scrutinize the credentials of such official (s).

There KSDA is however silent on the welfare of retired sportsmen and women and there is a lukewarm address of the gender balance.

There is also no clear cut role for inclusion of sports personalities in some of the departments or programs.


 Eric Odanga

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