Sikh Union Club suspends five players

By sportsnewsarena correspondent
Mar 02, 2017

Sikh Union Club has suspended five players and an official of the Sikh Union cricket team for their part in boycotting of two NPCA Twenty20 matches last month.

They also failed to attend a disciplinary meeting called by the club.

Nadeem Ahmed, the captain and coach was suspended for one year while Zaheed Abbas, Tarandeep Singh and Amardeep Singh were slapped with a six-months suspension. National team batsman Gurdeep Singh was suspended for three months.  

Team manager Kamaljeet Singh who is also the father to Gurdeep and Tarandeep was suspended for one year.

In a letter signed by the club’s Sports Secretary Inderjit Matharu, the club accused the six of not honouring the NPCA Twenty20 matches on 11th and 12th February against Swamibapa and Ruaraka Sports Club.

The club also accused the named for not showing up for the disciplinary meeting to show cause you’re their action not to honour the matches.

“Following the unwarranted events that took place on 11th and 12th February 2017 for not honouring NPCA T20 fixtures Disciplinary found the named players and official guilty being in total disregard of Sikh Union Club’s rules and regulation by not showing up for the disciplinary meeting to show cause for their action,” the read.

No release letters

Apart from not playing for the club, the five players will not be issued with release letters to other clubs. “Kindly take note no release letters will be issued until the full suspension and probation is served,” the letter read.

During the suspension period the six will also be barred from the Sikh Union facility. Ahmed was also accused for inciting players not to honour the matches while the manager was also accused of tarnishing the club’s name on social media .

With the suspension the club is likely to struggle because they don’t have a pool of players to pick from. After the players opted not to honour the matches accusing the club management for dishonesty and not supporting the team, the management was allowed by NPCA to field their second string team.

Last year the team won the Harilal Shah Memorial tournament by beating Swamibapa in the final. After winning the title, the club’s chairman Harbir Singh Roopai promised to support the team by even buying them new playing kit.

But by the time the players were boycotting the matches, the uniforms had not been received.