University Games Kick Off at Kenyatta University

Dec 17, 2010

Some 3,500 students from East African Universities have converged at the Kenyatta University for the bi-annual East Africa games.


The games which bring together participating teams from amongst the Universities in the region and are modelled on the Olympic Games with competitions in 16 disciplines.


The overall theme of the Games is “Promoting Regional Integration and Development through Sports”.

This is the second time (the first was in 2004) that Kenyatta University shall be hosting the regional games which run until December 21. Membership has been extended to Southern Sudan besides Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Some of the disciplines for the five-day chempionship are Soccer, Handball, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Netball, Athletics, Scrabble, Chess, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming and Martial Arts.

Among the teams are Makerere University of Business Studies (MUBS), Makerere, Nkumba, Kumi, Kyambogo, Kampala International University (KIU) and Gulu - all from Uganda, hosts Kenyatta University, University of Nairobi, Strathmore, African Nazarene University, Moi, JKUAT, Egerton, Chepkoilel, Kenya Methodist University, Kimathi, Mt. Kenya - all from Kenya,  Kigali Institute of Science and Technology, Open University of Tanzania, Mzumbe, State University of Zanzibar, Mkawa University College of Education,  Dar es Salaam, University College of Education Zanzibar, Ardhi and,  St. Augustine University of Tanzania.

Selected fixtures
Pool A: Strathmore, JKUAT, Uganda Christian; Pool B: Makerere, University of Nairobi, Uganda Martyrs, Ardhi; Pool C: Kenyatta University, Kyambogo, Egerton, KeMU.
December 17: JKUAT v Uganda Christian (2 pm), Makerere v Ardhi (2.55), UoN v Uganda Martyrs (3.45), KU v KeMU (4.35), Kyambogo v Egerton (Egerton).
December 18: Strathmore v Uganda Christian (8 am), Makerere v Martyrs (8.50), KU v Egerton (9.40), UoN v Ardhi (10.30), Kyambogo v KeMU (11.20), Strathmore v JKUAT (12.10), Makerere v UoN (1 pm), KU v Kyambogo (1.50), Martyrs v Ardhi (2.40), Egerton v KeMU (3.30pm)
December 17: Mukono v Kimathi, UoN v JKUAT (9 am), KU v Moi (5 pm); Women: Moi v KU, Strathmore v UoN (3 pm).
December 18: Mukono v Kimathi (9 am), Egerton v KU (11 am); Moi v Egerton (4 pm); Women: Moi v UoN, KU v Strathmore (2 pm).
December 19: Mukono v UoN, JKUAT v Kimathi (9 am); Women: Moi v Strathmore, UoN v KU (11 am).
Pool A: Ndeje, Strathmore, KeMU; Pool B: Kampala International, JKUAT, SEUCO; Pool C: Kyambogo, UoN, Chepkoilel; Pool D: KU, Makerere, Mt. Kenya.
Pool A: KU, KeMU, Moi; Pool B: Makerere, U0N, Egerton.
Pool A: UCU (Uganda), KIU, Mkwawa, KeMU, SEUCO; Pool B: UCU, St Lawrence, Makerere, Zanzibar, Kimathi, UoN; Pool C: JKUAT, Mbarara, MUBS, Dar es Salaam, Egerton; Pool D: Nkumba, KU, Bishop Stuart, Buttema, Tumaini.
Pool A: Nkumba, Ndejje, UoN, SEUCO; Pool B: MUBS, UCU, Chepkoilel; Pool C: Makerere, KeMU, Moi; Pool D: KU, Mt. Kenya, Bishop Stuart.
December 17, Men: Kyambogo v Bishop Stuart, St. John v UoN, MUBSv Mt. Meru, JKUAT v Egerton, Nazarene v Tumaini, KU v KIU, Zanzibar v St Lawrence, SEUCO v KeMU, Kimathi v Makerere, Mzumbe v Laikipia.
Pool A: UCU, JKUAT, Ndejje, Egerton, St. Lawrence; Pool B: KIU, UoN, Tumaini, Laikipia, MUBS, Musitema; Pool C: KU, Strathmore, Ardhi, Gulu, Uganda Martyrs; Pool D: Mzumbe, Kyambogo, KeMU, SEUCO, Bishop Stuart, Makerere.
Pool A: KIU, JKUAT, Ardhi, KEMU; Pool B: UCU, Nazarene, Tumaini; Poo; C: Makerere, UoN,  


Eric Odanga

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