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May 16, 2019

Sportsnewsarena.com is an online Gazette; a one-stop shop for all that is Kenyan sports.The site is not only limited to Kenyan sports but also whatever we feel would be necessary for those seeking sports news.

At sportsnewsarena.com you can easily access the latest sporting news involving Kenyan sporting greats from around the globe as well as Kenya sports Data.

Simply put, Sportsnewsarena.com gives you access to all your sports in one arena at the click of a button.

Sportsnewsarena.com Editorial Policy Guideline and Code

· Sportsnewsarena.com seeks to report, contextualize, and present Kenyan sports news and events as they happen without distorting facts and by not suppressing relevant results or information

· We respect our sources’ legitimate right to privacy, and should not do anything that entails intrusion into private grief and distress, unless it is justified by overriding considerations of public interest

· We are guided by news importance and judgment in reaching editorial decisions

· We are free from obligation to any interest group, sporting federation, officials or athletes and committed to the public’s right to know.

· We do not accept gifts, favours, free travel, special treatment or privileges that could compromise our integrity.

· We identify ourselves and our employer before obtaining any information for publication. Undercover methods may be used only with due regard to their legality, to considerations such as fairness and invasion of privacy, and to whether the information being sought is so significant that it warrants public disclosure but cannot be obtained by other means

· Sportsnewsarena.com upholds the principle of journalistic freedom and see the protection of a journalist’s sources as an important part of this principle.

· We do our utmost to make timely corrections of any information that we may have published online and is found to be erroneous.

· We foster open dialogue with our readers and we are accountable for all what is uploaded on our site.

· We aim to tell our sporting stories from a Kenyan point of view and strive to cover all sporting action involving Kenyans within and outside the borders. Sometimes we include African and international that would interest our diverse readers.

· We are committed to being the leading Kenyan sports website, providing a showcase for all sports.

· Our published articles will become part of a permanently accessible archive and will not normally be removed. Online content or a permanent archive, should only be removed or amended in exceptional circumstances like for instance if an article is likely to lead to a serious breach of editorial standards, endanger an individual’s safety or cause significant harm or distress.

Editorial responsibility

We understand and uphold the provisions of the Kenyan Media act and the Code of conduct for the Practice of journalism in Kenya.

All our writers and correspondents should ask for advice from our Legal Advisor on any matter that may have legal implications for sportsnewsarena.. However, the final decision whether to publish, lies with the editorial staff, not their legal advisor.

Sportsnewsarena.com writers and correspondents are expected to present issues fairly, not to take sides. The writers should not become emotional, or use emotive language, in writing stories or conducting interviews.

For Sportsnewsarena.com to retain its credibility, accuracy is imperative, research for any article has to be thorough, and be checked and crosschecked.

Sportsnewsarena.com writers and correspondents always endeavor to present stories in a fair and balanced manner. When exceptional circumstances make it impossible to achieve fairness and balance, or when a damaging review of an individual, athlete, official or association or federation is presented, those criticized should be given an opportunity to present their side of the story: the "right of reply".

With the best of intentions and efforts, mistakes still happen. When a serious factual error has been made, it should be acknowledged and corrected as soon as it is picked out.