• Team Change to Challenge Otula at KBF Elections

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Apr 14, 2012-

A group of candidates christened “Team Change” could be the most formidable opposition for the current Kenya Basketball Federation office when the annual general meeting and elections are held at the Nyayo national stadium on Saturday.

Paul Otula is the current but ‘Team Change” have promised to make sweeping changes in the organization and running of the game.

Their bid to wrestle the leadership from current office bearers will be led by former player Abraham Muthogo who is vying for the chairman’s position against Otula.

Ali Hilmi will vie for the post of 1st Vice- chairman and Sadili Oval director Liz Odera the second Vice Chairperson’s seat.

There are allegations of office abuse by the current team. The current KBF office has been accused of among other ills not putting players interests first ignoring age cheating during the age group championships.

Others in the running are Angela Luchivya, a former player who is vying for the post of treasurer. Bosire Bogonko (assistant secretary) David Demba (fixtures secretary) are the other contestants.

Their campaign agenda is loaded with all the good things among them transparency, communication, consistency, visibility, good faith and financial transparency. Like in every campaign, there is no love lost between the contestants as they look for an edge. Unsubstantiated claims have been directed at the current office but what would hold sway on the election day is the difference between the teachers and other contestants.

For the past four years, there has been a heated debate about the role of teachers in KBF. One of the basketball lovers wrote to sportsnewsarena.com and urged for fairness.

“Some of us have degenerated into using unacceptable and inappropriate language. It's important for all aspiring candidates and their supporters/followers to always bear in mind that what the basketball fraternity are looking for in the coming elections is not a leader(s) who can insult, scandalise, malign and abuse others the most.

What our people are looking for in these elections are leaders who can raise the level of our game higher, leaders who can help our players and coaches enhance their careers and teams’ playing abilities, leaders who can help them see their players & officials lives go forward and guarantee the future of the upcoming younger players.”

Team change line up: Chairman-Abraham Muthogo Kamau 1st Vice Chairman- Hilmi Ali 2nd Vice Chairman- Dr. Liz Odera Secretary General- Vitalis Gode Assistant Secretary General- Bosire Bogonko Treasurer- Angela Luchivya Assistant Treasurer- Luke Ogolla Fixtures- David Demba Assistant Fixtures Secretary- Edwin Ogutu.



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