KCB Asset finance Rally Set For Eldoret

Oct 02, 2021
  • Ian Duncan will be among the drivers in Eldoret this weekend.(Photo:SNA File)

Eldoret ‘Home of Champions’ will be the place to be this weekend as the 7th round of the KCB sponsored Kenya National Rally Championship(KNRC) series on saturday instead of the usual sunday.

The rally organizers, Western Kenya Motor Club have confirmed that 50 drivers have been enlisted to take part. The rally will be flagged off outside KCB West Branch along Uganda road at 7am while the ceremonial finish is planned for the same venue at 4.30pm.

The competitive mileage totals 188 kilometers with the liaison distance being 87 kilometers.The longest stage will be a 59 kilometre section that will be run once.

The 39 km section and that of 28 kilometer will be repeated.

Amrit Matharu, Clerk of the course, said all spectators are expected to view the rally cars at Kaptagat Forest Road near Twiga Resort and later proceed to the finishing mark at Salaba Academy, service park 2 kilometres to Iten town on the Eldoret-Iten road.

The rally organizers, Western Kenya Motor Club are trying out the old format similar to the Nakuru Rally by incorporating a remote service due to the long stages which could offer massive mileage for the drivers.

Ian Duncan, leader Carl ‘flush’ Tundo and Alastair Cavenagh will renew their rivalry in KNRC Division 1. Azar anwar is the defending champion for Eldoret.

STANDINGS KNRC 1. Carl Tundo 365 2. Ian Duncan 280 3. A. Cavenagh 250

CLASSIC CAR CUP Drivers 1. Aslam Khan 370 2. Samira Khan 245 3. Rob Hellier 200 Navigators 1. Chantal Young 245 2. Keith Henrie 140 3. Arshad Khan 140

KNRC DIVISION 2 Drivers 1. Don Smith 355 points 2. Izhar Mirza 345 3. Manvir Baryan 330 Navigators 1. Bob Kaugi 365 2. Zahir Shah 265 3. Ravi Chana 255

KNRC DIVISION 3 Drivers 1. Jassy Chathe 433 2. Mahesh Halai 243 3. John Nganga 190 Navigators 1. Gugu Panesar 433 2. Ketan Halai 238 3. Evans Mwenda 180 4. Allan Muhindi 145 5. George Njoroge 140.


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