• Provisional Sevens Team Named Without Kayange, Injera and Ouma

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  • Oscar Ouma could miss out the London and Scotland legs of the IRB series.(Photo:File)Oscar Ouma could miss out the London and Scotland legs of the IRB series.(Photo:File)
Apr 23, 2012-

It is barely one week when Geoffrey Kimani, the Kenya Sevens strength and conditioning coach handed his resignation letter to the Kenya Rugby Union but fans should be prepared for more shocks when the team for the last two legs of the International Rugby Board HSBC Sevens World Series is named.

At the weekend, a provisional and probably the travelling team was named by the technical bench which has Mitch Ocholla (head coach), Charles Cardovillis (assistant coach), John Onyango-Mbai (team manager) and Felix Ochieng (analyst).

Guess who is missing from the line up? Collins Injera, Humphrey Kayange and Oscar Ouma! Injera, captain of the team in the last two legs in Hong Kong and Japan has exams and was available for the London leg but not Glasgow.

Kayange, based in Bristol was available for the Scotland leg and day two of London Sevens. Ouma has commitments.

The selection has sent the KRU into high gear and sportsnewsarena.com reliably learned that there were consultations being made and the line up could change.

An independent source who exclusively spoke to sportsnewsarena.com hinted at a complete disarray in the team which has led to the resignation of Kimani and low morale in the team.

The former player who has close links with the team spoke of internal tension among the players who were ‘afraid’ to voice their concerns at the expense of being victimized.

“They have lost the closeness that used to be there and everybody minds their own business. However, the ship is slowly sinking,” he said.

The former player posed: “What is so hard in making a provision for one player who with experience and even at 30 percent fit can make a huge difference at the expense of including a whole management fully paid for?”

Players have reverted to social media to vent their feelings and there are muted signals by some of the players who have resigned to voting with their feet instead of raising pertinent issues at the expense of being victimized.

“As players, they lack unity. Anybody who speaks out is victimized,” our source confirmed.

Speaking of the ‘good old days’ the former player questioned the current team’s management which pushed Kenya to the top echelons of the shorter version of the game?

“Are they aware of the sacrifices which were made by their predecessors for Kenya to gain core status? This did not come on a silver platter as the management had to juggle between their jobs, careers and family. Now there is money from Kenya Airways and it is financially rewarding to play for the team,” he added.

The IRB is also concerned and sportsnewsarena.com learned they have met with the KRU top brass since the season begun. Their latest contact was during the last two legs of the Series.

The provisional squad: Michael Agevi, Lavin Asego, Joseph Oriwo, Horace Otieno, Dennis Ombachi (Mwamba), Sidney Ashioya, Willy Ambaka, Victor Oduor, Leon Adongo, Patrice Agunda, Kevin Keegan (Kenya Harlequin FC), Benedict Nyambu, Biko Adema (Nondescripts RUFC), Felix Ayange, Michael Wanjala (Strathmore University).

Eric Odanga

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