‘Voice of Reason’ adds new twist in NOCK elections

By ronnie evans
Apr 25, 2017
  • Judo Shadrack Maluki watch as Richard Omwela congratulate Paul Tergat. A new initiative seeks to elect people with integrity. (SNA. File Photo)

The race for the leadership of the National Olympic Committee of Kenya has taken a new shape with the formation of a flagship initiative by 10 affiliate federations in support of presidential candidate Paul Tergat.

The initiative dubbed ‘Voice of Reason’ is an agreement of sorts by those affiliate federations that endorse Tergat to head the body in the May 5 elections.

Those federations are; Kenya Basketball Federation, Badminton Kenya Federation, Kenya Amateur Cycling Federation, Kenya Golf Federation, Kenya Hockey Union, Tennis Kenya, Kenya Taekwondo Association, Kenya Volleyball Federation, Kenya Amateur Wrestling Association and Kenya Rugby Union.

Also, it is geared towards supporting other candidates that they feel will bring the desired changes to NOC-K. This is after there were questions about some of the individuals on ‘Team Tergat’.

"We do not approve of some individuals in that line up," an official of one of the affiliates said.

Under the new constitution, the NOCK executive committee no longer has voting powers so the affiliate federations through delegates will do so.

“The Federations have formed a Third Force informed by the Voice of Reason. The Voice of Reason aims to get the right people for the right positions. NOC-K as an institution requires to be placed back at its rightful position from which it can espouse and inspire hope within the Sports people in Kenya and the World,”a joint statement by the federations behind Voice of Reason reads.

Numerical advantage

The drive hopes to have Kenya Weightlifting Federation, Kenya Swimming Federation and Kenya Handball Federation on board which will guarantee a strategic numerical advantage during the elections.

However, emphasis has been placed on electing the right people. “It is under this new structure that most of the affiliated federations have stood up and decided that the elections will not be a mere political process for which the goal is pure power and occupying of available positions. The Voice of Reason aims to get the right people for the right positions,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, NOCK secretary general, Francis Paul, is set to face stiff competition as he strives to retain his position. He will come up against his deputy James Chaha and KRU director John Kilonzo.

KTTA chairman Andrew Mudibo is also a strong candidate vying for that position. Mudibo has been vocal and on the forefront in the whirlwind that been the struggle for adaptation of the new constitution.