84 confirmed entries for Sunday’s Guru Nanak Rally

Nov 13, 2012

Entries for the 33rd edition of the competition officially closed on Monday with a record-breaking 84 cars bracing for KCB Guru Nanak Rally.

Event Director Dali Kalsi was categorical in his assertion that the entries for Sunday’s rally have exceeded expectations of organizers -Sikh Union.

“We didn’t expect such a huge entry. This is a manifestation that the rally is growing in leaps and bounds,” remarked Kalsi.

This year’s event has attracted foreign interest and among the crème-de-la crème who will be challenging the locals in search of the diadem include newly-crowned Ugandan champion Jas Mangat and former England and Finland rally champion Tapio Laukkanen.

Tanzania will be represented by three drivers. They are Arusha based Mitsubishi EVO X driver Gurpal Sandhu, Marco Ferreira and Fraukje Eline Vooijs.

Tapio is no stranger in the Kenyan rallying scene having traversed several parts of the country to take the double-edged role of training Manvir Baryan and servicing him. With most of the KNRC categories having been decided, most of the top drivers have nothing to lose.

In a nutshell, it will all boil down to the stage times one can achieve. Veteran Carl “Flash” Tundo already has the KNRC title under his belt while Aslam Khan and Jaswinder Chana are savoring championship wins in the Classic Car Cup and S’ Class respectively.

Three horse race for Division 2 crown

Kibos driver Jaspreet Chathe is home and dry in Division 3 with the million dollar question remaining as to who shall have the last laugh in Division 2.

A high-pitched battle is expected in Division 2 which is a three-horse race pitting Don Smith, Izar Mirza and Manvir.

Chathe’s star has been on the rise and will not only be seeking to outclass the rest of the competitors in the division, but will also be clamoring for a top ten finish which he has achieved in a number of events this year.

Out of the 84 entrants, Group N class has attracted a total of 35 drivers while Classic Car Cup has lured 6.

Seven competitive stages

Flagging off- that is expected to attract a multitude of the locals- will be at 8.00 A.M. outside KCB Kikuyu Branch while the Service Park will be located at Namuncha. There will be seven competitive stages at stake in Kedong’ and Suswa.

The total distance is 316 kilometers. The competitive distance of 153 kilometers will account for 48 percent of the mileage percentage.

The first section will run from Pipeline to Rifle Range totaling 33.02 kilometers. It will be followed by the second competitive section from Rifle Range to Satellite where drivers will tackle the longest stretch of 57kilometers.

Later, cars will proceed to the first run on 1 km spectator stage and then proceed to Service Park. After Service, cars will tackle a 28 kilometers stretch from Suswa to Mama Sila and then return back to the spectator stage followed by third service.

The cars will regroup for service and will repeat the spectator stage for third time and the Pipeline-Rifle Range stage before tackling a liaison stage of 58 kilometers to the Sikh Union in Nairobi that will be the finish point.

Samson Ateka

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