• AFC shock Sofapaka with a 3-1 win

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Aug 18, 2011-

AFC Leopards shocked Sofapaka 3-1 on Wednesday night in a Kenyan Premier League (KPL) match at Nyayo National Stadium. It was sweet revenge for Leopards who lost the first leg by a similar margin at the same venue just two months ago.

The tie billed as a battle of two Dutch coaching styles before kick-off –saw the older Jaan Koops who handles Leopards triumphed hands down. Sofapaka coach Francis Kimani spent one year in Holland undertaking his UEFA 'A' licence.

Koops, 70 joined Leopards one month ago and has transformed the club into a formidable outfit. Wednesday’s win was the icing on the cake in what has been a great turn around. Oscar Kadenge scored the fastest goal this season when he put Leopards ahead in the 14th second of the match.

Leopards defender Martin Imbalambala initiated the move that resulted in the goal picking out former Ulinzi striker Mike Barasa. Barasa himself set-up an un-marked Kadenge who did not hesitate but released a long shot that was too much for Duncun Ochieng in goal.

Sofapaka fought back well and were level eleven minutes later courtesy of a Dodo Kayombo header . Kayombo out-jumped the Leopards defence to head home a Titus Mulama cross. But Leopards were not done yet and five minutes later it was the turn of now top scorer Mike Barasa to score his fifth goal in a row for his new club.

Kayombo who had just equalized for Sofapaka turned villain after failing to clear a pass from Duncun Ochieng in goal and Barasa pounced on it to send Leopards ahead. The pressure continued for Sofapaka and Emmanuel Tostao wasted a brilliant opportunity to take Leopards three goals up.

Mid-way through the second half Humphrey Mieno had a golden opportunity to equalize the game for Sofapaka but failed to beat Patrick Matasi in the Leopards goal.

Then Laurent Tumba finished off Sofapaka in the 82nd minute ensuring a great evening for the thousands of fans who were already giving up on Leopards on account of poor results.


Gina Tivona
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Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Tusker 30 17 7 6 34 17 17 58
2 Ulinzi Stars
30 16 9 5 38 20 18 57
3 Sofapaka 30 15 7 8 42 23 19 52
4 Gor Mahia 30 12 12 6 27 22 5 48
5 AFC Leopards 30 13 7 10 36 27 9 46
6 Sony Sugar 30 13 5 12 33 33 0 44
7 Rangers
30 11 10 9 33 31 2 43
8 Chemilil Sugar 30 10 11 9 30 27 3 41
9 KCB 30 11 7 12 38 32 6 40
10 Thika United 30 11 6 13 36 39 -3 39
11 Western Stima 30 9 10 11 21 28 -7 37
12 Mathare United 30 7 13 10 32 35 -3 34
13 Karuturi Sports 30 8 10 12 19 28 -9 34
14 City Stars
30 8 7 15 28 34 -6 31
15 Bandari 30 9 4 17 22 39 -17 31
16 Congo United 30 5 5 20 18 52 -34 20
22 Sofapaka v Ulinzi Stars Nyayo 19:00
26 Sofapaka v Gor Mahia Nyayo 15:00
26 Thika United v Western Stima Thika 15:00
26 Tusker v Congo United Mumias Complex 15:00
26 Ulinzi Stars v Rangers Afraha 15:00
26 City Stars v Karuturi Sports Hope Centre 15:00
26 Sony Sugar v Mathare United Awendo 15:00
26 Chemelil Sugar v Bandari Chemelil 15:00
26 KCB v AFC Leopards City 15:00
26KCB0-0AFC LeopardsCity
26Chemelil Sugar0-0BandariChemelil
26City Stars4-1Karuturi SportsHope Centre
26Ulinzi Stars3-0RangersAfraha
26Tusker1-0Congo UnitedMumias Complex
26Thika United1-1Western StimaThika
26Sofapaka0-0Gor MahiaNyayo
26Sony Sugar3-1Mathare UnitedAwendo
22Sofapaka2-0Ulinzi StarsNyayo
20Congo United0-1KCBMombasa
19Ulinzi Stars4-1Chemelil SugarAfraha
19City Stars0-3Sony SugarHope Centre
19Bandari1-0Thika UnitedMombasa
19Karuturi Sports1-1TuskerKaruturi
18Mathare United3-3Western StimaCity
17Gor Mahia3-1RangersNyayo
16AFC Leopards1-0Ulinzi StarsNyayo
16Sofapaka3-2Chemelil SugarNyayo
5Ulinzi Stars1-0Sony SugarAfraha
5Karuturi Sports0-1BandariKaruturi
5AFC Leopards4-0Congo UnitedMumias Complex
5Western Stima0-0Chemelil SugarBukhungu
5Thika United4-1Mathare UnitedThika
2City Stars0-1Gor MahiaNyayo
2Mathare United3-1SofapakaNyayo
30Gor Mahia2-1Sony SugarCity
30Ulinzi Stars2-0Congo UnitedAfraha
29KCB3-2Thika UnitedCity
29Chemelil Sugar1-1AFC LeopardsChemelil
29City Stars2-1BandariHope Centre
29Tusker1-0Western StimaCity
29Rangers1-0Karuturi SportsCity
24Gor Mahia0-0Chemelil SugarKaruturi
23AFC Leopards2-2Mathare UnitedNyayo
23Sony Sugar1-0KCBAwendo
23Thika United1-1RangersThika
22Bandari1-0Western StimaMombasa
22Karuturi Sports1-1Ulinzi StarsKaruturi
22City Stars4-0Congo UnitedHope Centre
16Thika United2-1SofapakaThika
16Ulinzi Stars1-2City StarsAfraha
16Congo United1-4Sony SugarMombasa
15Bandari1-0Gor MahiaMombasa
15Karuturi Sports0-0AFC LeopardsKaruturi
15Western Stima2-1RangersBukhungu
13Tusker2-1Chemelil SugarNyayo
13KCB3-2Mathare UnitedNyayo
2AFC Leopards3-0Gor MahiaNyayo
28Mathare United1-0Congo UnitedNyayo
25Thika United2-1City StarsThika
25Chemelil Sugar2-0Karuturi SportsChemelil
24Gor Mahia2-2KCBNyayo
24Sony Sugar0-3AFC LeopardsAwendo
24Ulinzi Stars2-1Western StimaAfraha
18Sony Sugar1-0Thika UnitedAwendo
18Karuturi Sports1-1Mathare UnitedKaruturi
17Western Stima1-1City StarsBukhungu
17Congo United1-0Chemelil SugarMombasa
15Tusker1-2Ulinzi StarsNyayo
11Sony Sugar3-2Karuturi SportsAwendo
11Thika United0-2TuskerThika
10Gor Mahia1-2Congo UnitedCity
10Chemelil Sugar3-0RangersChemelil
10Bandari0-0AFC LeopardsMombasa
10Sofapaka5-0Western StimaCity
10City Stars3-1KCBHope Centre
8Mathare United0-1Ulinzi StarsNyayo
25Sony Sugar1-0Gor MahiaAwendo
21AFC Leopards2-1City StarsNyayo
21Chemelil Sugar3-2KCBChemelil
21Congo United0-1SofapakaMombasa
21Rangers0-0Mathare UnitedNyayo
20Karuturi Sports0-1Thika UnitedKaruturi
20Western Stima2-2Sony SugarBukhungu
20Ulinzi Stars0-0Gor MahiaAfraha
17AFC Leopards3-1SofapakaNyayo
14Sony Sugar2-0RangersAwendo
14KCB0-1Western StimaCity
14Thika United1-1Ulinzi StarsThika
13Gor Mahia1-1Karuturi SportsCity
13Bandari3-2Congo UnitedMombasa
13City Stars0-2Chemelil SugarHope Centre
7Sofapaka0-0City StarsNyayo
7Chemelil Sugar1-1Mathare UnitedChemelil
7Karuturi Sports1-0KCBKaruturi
7Western Stima0-1Gor MahiaMumias Complex
7Tusker1-0Sony SugarNyayo
6Ulinzi Stars3-1BandariAfraha
6Thika United2-0Congo UnitedThika
5Rangers0-0AFC LeopardsNyayo
3Gor Mahia0-0TuskerCity
31Sony Sugar0-1SofapakaAwendo
31Chemelil Sugar4-1Thika UnitedChemelil
31Congo United1-2Karuturi SportsMombasa
30City Stars1-1RangersHope Centre
30KCB0-1Ulinzi StarsCity
30Bandari0-1Mathare UnitedMbaraki
28AFC Leopards1-0Western StimaNyayo
24Gor Mahia3-1AFC LeopardsNyayo
17Tusker2-1City StarsCity
17Mathare United0-0Gor MahiaNyayo
17Western Stima1-0Congo UnitedBukhungu
16Thika United1-2AFC LeopardsThika
16Sony Sugar3-2BandariAwendo
16Karuturi Sports1-0SofapakaKaruturi
10Congo United0-4RangersMbaraki
10Western Stima0-1Karuturi SportsBukhungu
10Gor Mahia1-0Thika UnitedCity
10Mathare United0-0City StarsNyayo
9Chemelil Sugar2-0Sony SugarChemelil
6AFC Leopards1-2TuskerNyayo
29Sofapaka3-1AFC LeopardsNyayo
29Tusker0-1Thika UnitedNyayo
22Sofapaka4-1Thika UnitedNyayo
22Mathare United3-0BandariCity
19Rangers0-0Western StimaCity
19Congo United0-0BandariMombasa
19Chemelil Sugar0-1Gor MahiaAfraha
18Ulinzi Stars0-0Karuturi SportsAfraha
18Sony Sugar0-0City StarsAwendo
16Mathare United1-0AFC LeopardsNyayo
16Western Stima0-0SofapakaBukhungu
12Congo United3-0Thika UnitedMombasa
12Karuturi Sports1-0Sony SugarKaruturi
11City Stars2-0Mathare UnitedHope Centre
11KCB1-2Chemelil SugarCity
11Ulinzi Stars1-0TuskerAfraha
29Rangers2-1City StarsNyayo
28Karuturi Sports0-0Western StimaKaruturi
28Chemelil Sugar1-0Congo UnitedChemelil
28Ulinzi Stars1-1KCBKaruturi
22Rangers1-0Thika UnitedNyayo
22Mathare United0-0Chemelil SugarCity
22Tusker0-0Gor MahiaMumias Complex
22Western Stima2-1BandariBukhungu
22City Stars1-2Ulinzi StarsCity
22Sofapaka5-0Congo UnitedNyayo
22KCB0-1Karuturi SportsCity
21AFC Leopards1-2Sony SugarNyayo
19Sofapaka0-0Karuturi SportsNyayo
15Bandari1-0Karuturi SportsMombasa
15Thika United1-1Sony SugarThika
15Western Stima1-2Ulinzi StarsBukhungu
14Congo United1-1Mathare UnitedMombasa
14City Stars0-1TuskerHope Centre
14AFC Leopards1-1Chemelil SugarCity
11Gor Mahia0-0SofapakaNyayo
8Congo United1-0City StarsMombasa
8Chemelil Sugar0-0Western StimaChemelil
8Sony Sugar0-0Ulinzi StarsAwendo
8AFC Leopards0-2Thika UnitedMumias Complex
7Gor Mahia1-0BandariCity
6Mathare United2-3KCBNyayo
4City Stars1-0SofapakaNyayo
2AFC Leopards2-0BandariNyayo
2Rangers1-1Ulinzi StarsNyayo
1Mathare United1-1Thika UnitedCity
1Tusker0-0Karuturi Sports 
1Sony Sugar1-0Western StimaAwendo
1Congo United2-2Gor MahiaMombasa
30Chemelil Sugar0-0City StarsChemelil
26Gor Mahia1-1Mathare UnitedNyayo
24Thika United1-0Chemelil SugarThika
24Congo United1-0AFC LeopardsMombasa
23Western Stima0-2TuskerBukhungu
23Karuturi Sports0-1RangersKaruturi
23Bandari0-2Ulinzi StarsMombasa
23KCB2-0Sony SugarCity
17Rangers3-0Sony SugarCity
17KCB4-0Congo UnitedCity
17City Stars1-2AFC LeopardsNyayo
17Thika United1-3Gor MahiaThika
17Western Stima1-0Mathare UnitedBukhungu
16Ulinzi Stars2-1SofapakaKaruturi
16Karuturi Sports0-1Chemelil SugarKaruturi
13Thika United3-0BandariThika
10AFC Leopards0-1KCBCity
10Sony Sugar0-2TuskerAwendo
10Congo United0-1Western StimaMombasa
10Mathare United3-0Karuturi SportsCity
9Gor Mahia0-1City StarsCity
9Chemelil Sugar0-0Ulinzi StarsChemelil
3KCB0-1Gor MahiaCity
3Western Stima1-0AFC LeopardsBukhungu
3Bandari1-0Sony SugarMombasa
3Karuturi Sports2-0Congo UnitedKaruturi
3Rangers2-0Chemelil SugarNyayo
3City Stars0-1Thika UnitedCity
2Ulinzi Stars2-0Mathare UnitedAfraha
27Sofapaka1-2Sony SugarCity
20Gor Mahia1-0Western StimaCity
20Bandari4-1City StarsMombasa
20Mathare United0-0RangersNyayo
20Thika United1-2KCBThika
20AFC Leopards1-0Karuturi SportsMumias Complex
19Congo United1-2Ulinzi StarsMombasa
19Chemelil Sugar0-3TuskerChemelil
13Tusker2-1Mathare UnitedNyayo
13Western Stima2-1Thika UnitedBukhungu
13Karuturi Sports1-1Gor MahiaKaruturi
12Ulinzi Stars0-1AFC LeopardsAfraha
12KCB2-0City StarsCity
12Sony Sugar2-1Chemelil SugarAwendo
12Rangers0-0Congo UnitedNyayo
9Ulinzi Stars1-1Thika UnitedAfraha
6AFC Leopards3-1RangersCity
6Chemelil Sugar0-0SofapakaChemelil
5Gor Mahia1-0Ulinzi StarsCity
5Mathare United1-0Sony SugarNyayo
5City Stars0-0Western StimaHope Centre
5Congo United1-2TuskerMombasa
5Thika United3-1Karuturi SportsThika
27Tusker2-0AFC LeopardsNyayo
27Sofapaka2-1Mathare UnitedNyayo
26Sony Sugar1-1Congo UnitedAwendo
26Western Stima1-0KCBBukhungu
26Rangers3-0Gor MahiaNyayo
26Karuturi Sports1-0City StarsKaruturi
26Bandari1-2Chemelil SugarMombasa
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