AK to comment on shocking doping claims amongst Kenyan runners

May 22, 2021

Athletics Kenya will on Wednesday give an official statement on allegations made by a German journalist on national TV ARD over the weekend, that doping was widespread amongst Kenyan runners.

Athletics Kenya Secretary General David Okeyo confirmed to sportsnewsarena.com that they were aware of the damning claims.

“We are in a meeting to discuss this among other issues and will be informing you of the outcome.

Renowned German sports journalist Hajo Seppelt claims he spent time in various parts of Kenya where he posed as an undercover sports agent and found out that doping is rife not only amongst Kenyan middle and long distance runners and but even with some of the foreign athletes who have been training in the famous high altitude areas of Iten.

According to the report aired on German TV during a sports show ‘Sportschau’ and on radio last Saturday, the journalist linked some Kenyan runners to Doctors who perform blood doping which is an illegal method used to boost athletic performance by  increasing the number of red blood cells in the body.

The journalist who even named some top Kenyan athletes - Olympic and marathon champions in his show, interviewed a former chairman of the Anti Doping Denmark, Bengt Saltin who alleged to have noted varying changes in some of the Kenyan runners blood levels between 2008-2010 when they raced in Europe, which he argued explains some of the first times and exemplary perfomances in long distance races.

He further alleges that this malpractice may have gone unnoticed by the International Association of Athletics federation, IAAF as they never carry out doping tests in the country to establish the varied blood levels.

"I ask to Seppelts to give the name of the doctor, so he can investigated by the local Kenyan Police and, of course, by the specific antidoping Agencies (from IAAF and WADA),"challenged Italian athletics coach Renato Canova who has worked with Kenyan athetes for years,on www.letsrun.com after watching the television clips.



Evelyn Watta

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