• Antony Wahome Top Shot in Langata

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  • Josephine Matoi of GSU aims during the top Shot 2012 competition at the Langata indoor shooting range on Sunday.(Photo by Shutterspeed)Josephine Matoi of GSU aims during the top Shot 2012 competition at the Langata indoor shooting range on Sunday.(Photo by Shutterspeed)
Jan 09, 2012-

Anthony Wahome from the Kenya Regiment Rifle Club beat a strong field of 46 shooters to win the Top Shot 2012 competition at the Langata indoor shooting range on Sunday.

The die was not cast until the last bullet was fired as Wahome edged out Edward Legei from the Presidental Escort Unit (PEU) in the final. Up to the quarter final, three other shooters - Legei, Alykban Keshayjee and Ashu Senik were still in contention.

David Kirui from the Kenya Police General Service Unit set the pace in the early rounds of this competition where the shooters used eight different weapons. Kirui emerged top with 250 points heading the sixteen qualifiers to the finals.

At this point, Wahome was second and surprisingly, Legei who is more adept in the full-bore trailed a poor 13th with 204 points and seemed an unlikely candidate for the final when the shooters lined up for a single shot to determine who proceeds to the semis. Kirui fell out at this stage and so did Riaz Abdulgani, Martin Mbutura and Roy Pattni who had led the charge to the final 16.

In the various categories, the results were much closer among the top five shooters. The air rifle saw the shooters return impressive scores with Alykban Keshayjee and Legei tied on 57 points each while Brad Geno and a guest, Hilna Shah had 56 each. Dhruv Shah scored 55. In the MP5, all the shooters - Kirui, Wahome, Abdulgani, Alykban Keshayjee and Pattni scored 57 points.

This was the same scenario in the 9mm pistol where Kirui, Wahome, Mbutura, Alykban Keshayjee and Shuaib Adam posted 57 points each. The five top shooters - Kirui, Wahome, Alykban Hussein, Adam and Collins Wana - in the .22 rifle (small-bore) also tied at 57 points each. Kirui led the charge in the air pistol posting 57 points ahead of James Ochieng’ on 56. Three shooters - Wahome, Abdulgani and Dhruv Shah tied on 55 points.

There were 46 shooters and the top 16 qualified for the knock out and the winners after a single shot final with eight different weapons. The top shot competition which was organized by KRRC was sponsored by Afrika Aviation Services and Ralph Nzomo. Top Shot, January 2012, Collated results Winner: Anthony Wahome (KRRC).

Finalists: Anthony Wahome (KRRC), Edward Legei (PEU). Top four semi-finalists: Ashu Senik (KRRC), Anthony Wahome (KRRC), Alykhan Keshayjee (KRRC), Edward Legei (PEU). Top 16: David Kirui (GSU) 250, Anthony Wahome (KRRC) 248, Alykhan Hussein (KRRC) 246, Riaz Abdulgani (KRRC) 245), Martin Mbutura (KRRC) 244, Alykhan Keshayjee (KRRC) 236, Ashu Senik (KRRC) 231, Roy Pattni (KRRC) 222, Collins Wana (GSU) 213, Shade Mokanda (KRRC) 213, Vincent Otieno (GSU) 212, Edward Legei (PEU) 204, James Ochieng (KRRC) 201, Sarah Sintoi (GSU) 200, Dhruv Shah (LGC) 190.

Category winners Air Pistol: David Kirui (GSU) 57, James Ochieng (KRRC) 56, Anthony Wahome (KRRC) 55, Riaz Abdulgani (KRRC) 55, Dhruv Shah (KRRC) 55. .22 Rifle: David Kirui (GSU) 57, Anthony Wahome (KRRC) 57, Alykhan Hussein (KRRC) 57, Shuaib Adam (KRRC) 57, Collins Wana (GSU) 57. .22 Pistol: Alykhan Hussein (KRRC) 44, Martin Mbutura (KRRC) 44, Alykhan Keshayjee (KRRC) 44, Ashu Senik (KRRC) 44, Riaz Abdulgani (KRRC) 33. 9mm Pistol: David Kirui (GSU) 57, Anthony Wahome (KRRC) 57, Martin Mbutura (KRRC) 57, Alykhan Keshayjee (KRRC) 57, Shuaib Adam (KRRC) 57. MP5: David Kirui (GSU) 57, Anthony Wahome (KRRC) 57, Riaz Abdulgani (KRRC) 57, Alykhan Keshayjee (KRRC) 57, Roy Pattni (KRRC) 57. Air Rifle: Alykhan Keshayjee (KRRC) 57, Edward Legei (PEU) 57, Brad Geno (LGC) 56, Hilna Shah (Guest) 56, Dhruv Shah (LGC) 53.


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