• Bell snatches East Africa Classic rally lead from Waldegard

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Nov 25, 2011-

Geoff Bell on Friday snatched the five-day Kenya Airways East African Safari Classic Rally lead from Bjorn Waldegard after the South African opened a 6.39 minutes overnight advantage into Naivasha’s Sopa Lodge night-halt.

The South African had his campaign effectively sewn up when Waldegard got involved in a mishap. It was a bitter pill for Waldegard to swallow after his Race4Change Porsche 911 crashed against a stuck truck and suffered superficial damage on its roll-cage and windscreen.

But Tuthill Porsche mechanics removed a section of Thomas Flohr roll-cage and replaced it with the damaged part in Waldegard’s car.Thomas quit the race on Wednesday evening following a series of disappointing results.

Waldegard led the event by a massive 39minutes on Wednesday into Amboseli, but the mishap now compels him to pull up his socks

. Waldegard said: “It was quite a cosmetic damage but then we lost time trying to fix it. We hit a stuck lorry on the back end after it was stuck in a mudhole."

Waldegard who has enjoyed a comfortable lead since Champion Ian Duncan and Belgian Gregoire De Mevius ran into serious mechanical gremlins, said it was time to speed again. “Now the rally is back to business and we have to speed again,” added Waldegard.

Leaderboard Day 6

1. Geoff Bell (SA, Datsun 260Z) 13:34:15 2. Bjorn Waldegard (SWE, Porsche 911) +6:39 3. Gerard Marcy (FRA, Porsche 911) +70:59 4. Stig Blomqvist (SWE, Ford Escort RS 1800) +72:58 5. Steve Funk (CAN, Porsche 911) +81:38 6. Steve Perez (GB, Datsun 260Z) +89:12 7. Jean Pierre Mondron (BEL, Porsche 911) +118:38 8. Plillipe Vandromme (FRA, Porsche 911) +133:44 9. Gregoire de Mevius (BEL, Porsche 911) +139:44


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