• KPL warns clubs on players transfers and contracts

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Jun 03, 2011-

Kenyan Premier League has warned clubs terminating player contracts that they will not sign replacements until they have “cleared” with the released players.

The KPL will take extra measures to protect players from being exploited by clubs. The procedure of terminating player contracts is well laid out by KPL. For example, players must be paid all that is due to them, including wage arrears and compensation for severed contracts (agreed amount in lieu of notice).

Any club purporting to have released a player must show written acknowledgement from the player that he has received his arrears, if any, his dues and compensation if the contract stipulates.

AFC Leopards, one of the clubs reported to having intention to release nine players, on Friday said they fully understood KPL requirements.

Richard Ekhalie, the club’s chief executive officer said: “None of our players has left us. They are our players until we have issued letters of release upon club/player agreement.

“Likewise, any player we are negotiating to acquire will be joining us after a proper procedure of signing with his former club. That would mean we ought to have an uncontested letter of release form the club we are acquiring him from.”

The KPL chief executive officer, Jack Oguda, said he had sent a circular “refreshing” the club’s on the KPL mid-season transfer policy.

The one month-long period runs from June 1 to June 30. He said the policy, article 3.4 of the minutes of the decision of 2008 says:-

“On player transfers during the mid-season period, members agreed on the importance of protecting the integrity of the KPL competition and stability of KPL clubs and players during the playing season and adopted the following ‘3+3’ policy:

During the mid-season transfer period a KPL club may transfer to their club a maximum of three players with valid contracts with other KPL clubs and may transfer to other KPL clubs a maximum of three players with valid contracts with their club. Members confirmed that players whose contracts expire before or during the mid-season transfer period are free to transfer to any club and are not counted under the above policy. 

Beginning this year, however, all player contracts are of one year and above and therefore, the movement of any player in mid-season must be negotiated or the severance of a contract must adhere to legality for there not to be a breach of contract.

Meanwhile, Gerald Chege, the vice-chairman of Thika United has said the KPL rule on the mid-season transfers must be respected.

“The rule is not open to various interpretations and should be followed to the letter. In 2008 we made a commitment to regulate the mid-season player transfer previously occasioned by anarchy and mayhem. Before then, we appeared to be the only professional league that did not have mid-season transfer regulations.

“Clubs used to destroy entire playing units by changing players, creating instability in the second leg and causing a dip in form of previously performing teams.







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