• Kenyan riders dominate Central Africa Challenge

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  • Cruize Mungai in action at FIM challenge in NairobiCruize Mungai in action at FIM challenge in Nairobi
Mar 07, 2011-

Kenyans riders ruled the roost as the first round of the FIM Central Africa Motocross Challenge came to a dramatic end at Jamhuri Park racetrack on Sunday.

Truly so, Captain Shivam Vinayak was all smiles when the hosts trounced Ugandan counterparts hands down. The Kenyans rode their contraptions in awesome fashion racking-up all the six categories at stake. 

But the inspiring performance of Ugandans in the junior MX50 class was a clear indication that they are regrouping their ammo for the future.

Maina Wanjigi won the MX50 class but it turned out to be a somewhat menacing affair with three Ugandan rider Ugandans –Sentamu Fortune, Wazir Omar, Paddy Blick in hot pursuit.

Another podium position for Ugandans was delivered at MX1 by Israeli born Asaf Natan who fought tirelessly on his 2010 Honda 450cc model to finish second overall behind Kenyan go-getter Shivam Vinayak.

“It feels good to win again. This year, I have entered many events and set a benchmark to excel in all of them. Having not practiced, I was struggling to come to grips with the bike in the first two heats,” said Shivam.

Cruze Muigai emerged the victor of the MX2 class as his cousin Tutu Maina romped home third.

Uganda Maxime Van Pee’s podium hunt was dealt a major blow with an excruciating puncture that dipped him to 6th place in the MX2 tussle. For quite some time, Van Pee was left to mull over Tutu’s and Cruze’s hard charging antics.

“It was something akin to chasing flying bullets. These Kenyan boys are just too fast. I didn’t except this kind of pace but it was also unfortunate that I was unable to finish the second heat when got on a flat tyre,” said Maxime.

MX65 supremacy was such a volatile charge pitting Kenyans Rolf Kihara and Murigu Njiiri.

Allestair Blick Jrn and Ali Omar were the highest placed Ugandans at MX65 cruising home 4th and 5th respectively.

Apollo Mbuki led a rare clean sweep by Kenyans in the MX85 when he raced ahead of Samir Anwar and National series leader Masalule Kituyi.

Ivan Guya won the MX125cc class followed by Adil Khan and Mwai Kibaki who completed the exhilarating Kenyan dash to the podium.


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