• NOCK launches marathon to defeat HIV & AIDS Scourge

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Apr 20, 2011-

The National Olympic Committee of Kenya has teamed up with Churches United against HIV & AIDS, CUAHA to run special advocacy campaigns amongst the sporting community.

NOCK formally launched its partnership on Wednesday with the Umbrella Churches body to strengthen its HIV prevention programmes with a sponsorship of Ksh 2.52m,which will entail training the trainers, distributing the toolkit in various parts of the country.

“NOCK recognizes the importance of creating awareness and prevention programmes around HIV & AIDS which is more common amongst the youth who are actively involved in sports,” said Kipchoge Keino, NOCK Chairman at the Olympic House, Nairobi.

The IOC and UNAIDS produced the pioneer sports Toolkit for HIV & AIDS prevention and partnered with CUAHA in Africa to distribute the toolkit.
The programme has been in trial in various African countries and just recently the publication was translated into Swahili, the first time an IOC journal has been published in an African language.

UNAIDS  estimates over 40 million people around the world are living with HIV and most of them are involved in sport, either as spectators or as participants.

“This tool kit which has been translated into both Swahili and English will be distributed during sporting events, seminars and even within the local Sports Federations,” added Kipchoge.

Already 20 trainers have been trained and will be sent out to various Federations to train administrators and sports people.

According to the IOC the sports tooklit that has specially been designed for members of the sports community offers:

  • Information about HIV & AIDS, how prevention can be effective, how sport can be beneficial for HIV positive persons, all about testing and counselling, and much more
  • Numerous activities and programmes to be developed with practical suggestions, from basic information sessions with colleagues or athletes, to communications campaigns during sports events, or how to develop a comprehensive policies for sports organisations themselves
  • Specific suggestions for activities for youngsters aged from 10 to 15 years old and over, as they are a crucial target group for prevention
  • Information on who can assist you, what organisations can provide expertise and support.


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