• NPCA now tussle over delegates for CK Executive posts

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May 03, 2012-

There could be a further delay in holding the long awaited Cricket Kenya elections as Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association, NPCA have failed to agree on which of their eight delegates nominated in January 2012, would vie for key positions.

Bipin Vora, Ritesh Pamnani, Jackie Janmohammed, Shamji Patel, Kurji Arshani, Chidambaran Subramanian, Sandip Shah and Kalpesh Solanki had been nominated by NPCA,CK’s powerful affiliate, to be proposed for positions of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and a Development Director.

The eight were mandated to meet, discuss and agree on who will represent the Association.

For the position of Vice-Chairman and Treasurer, Kurji Ashni and Sandip Shah, respectively, were unopposed.

Then prior to the scheduled council meeting on April 28, Vora and Pamnani apparently stepped down from the race in favour of Patel and Solanki for the positions of Chairman and Development Director respectively.

“The office bearers of NPCA consulted and took the view that the need for the meeting was no longer necessary, having been overtaken by events,” explained John Moyi NPCA Secretary.

“We wrote a letter to all the NPCA member clubs cancelling the meeting (of 28/4/2021), with due apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

However some of the NPCA club members disregarded the notice met and overruled the ‘list of candidates’ arguing that the Association must first hold its elections before they endorse the candidates.

NPCA last held elections in 2008 and seemingly only Vora and Sandip Shah were in the list of eight picked to vie for the three positions at CK.

This development could further delay the CK national elections which were due this weekend after an earlier postponement from January 7,2012. The current CK chairman Samir Inamdar will not be defending his post.


 Evelyn Watta

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