• New World record on sight for World champ.Rudisha

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  • World Champion David Rudisha with Sebastian CoeWorld Champion David Rudisha with Sebastian Coe
Sep 01, 2011-

The more you get, the more you want! an expression that best describes David Lekuta Rudisha’s eagerness to become a legend in the world of athletics.

Barely a day after he proved to the world that he is the best two lap racer in recent times with his flawless and robust front running, he has now now set himself a new target, to run under 1:41 within this month!

"I am in good shape and that’s what am going to start preparing for next week, running under 1:41," he declared at a luncheon hosted for  him in Daegu by the International Sports Press Association, AIPS for its members on Wednesday.

Just to be certain this is something that cannot wait until next year, when he will be aiming to clinch the Gold medal at the London Olympics but rather needs to do  "before I finish the season."

He has  the will and the right people around him urging him to end yet another season on a record high. Sebastien Coe, one of the greatest middle distance running and twice Olympics 800m silver medalist tips the Kenyan  whom he described as "physically and extraordinary athlete both  mentally and physically" to lower the current mark of 1:41.01 after watching him race to world honours  in 1:43.91.

"He created a fantastic race at one of the best fields in the 800m that I can remember in a championship for many years," said the Chair of the London 2012 Organising committee who is also an Olympic champion in the 1500m as he raised his head to face the towering self-effacing Kenyan who acknowledged the props with a grin.

"He is at the right moment in his career to do that and yesterday he was mastering the environment of a championship. He not only ran very fast as the world record holder but also understood the nature of a championships."

Rudisha was relived or maybe satisfied  that he had finally proved to the world that he is one of the finest if not the best in the two lap race.

'I had a lot pressure  coming into the championships," he admitted after his failure at the same championships in Berlin two years ago where he faulted in the semifinals.

" I changed my tactics after Berlin and  I decided to be a front runner. Every one knows me for pushing hard in other races and the diamond league. I wanted to show that am also good in championships and I can still control and push in the last 150m."

His style was indeed different on Tuesday.  A fast 200m then he slowed down the pace in the next 400m before surprising the field with a powerful surge on the homestretch.

"It was a tactical race and I didn't want to make any mistake. I was confident and well prepared and knew had a good finishing power and that’s why I wanted to control the race then maintain and  inject a strong finish."

His father Daniel Rudisha, an Olympiad in the 4 by 400m may not have the pleasure to roll out the red carpet for his son when the rest of the team returns home next week, as the World champion leaves South Korea on Friday for Germany for training before travelling to Brussels for his final race in the diamond league series looking to extend his unbeaten streak.

He hopes to end his season on the magical Rielti track on September 11, before returning home to possibly another grand reception by his Maasai kinsmen.

 Evelyn Watta in Daegu

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