• Sevens teams have a feel of match venue

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Oct 09, 2010-The national seven-a-side Rugby team warmed up with a practice match against Tonga on Friday as they prepare for the opening match against Malaysia when the shorter version of the game kicks off on Monday.

Malaysia replaced Namibia. In an interview from Delhi, India, Humphrey Kayange, the team captain acknowledged the players and officials were still absorbing the Commonwealth Games atmosphere. “We are just getting in the mood and the weather is fantastic,” he said. The practice match against Tonga was by design because Kenya faces Samoa and Papua New Guinea who are all from the Pacific Islands. “Guys are shaping up well,” he added.

Commenting about sharing the Village with other athletes, Kayange who will be playing in his first Commonwealth Games said it was a whole new experience that surpassed the atmosphere at the International Rugby Board Sevens World Series. “We are enjoying it,” the captain added. The players are staying in apartment, which he explained was like a whole estate.

Kenya plays Malaysia first on Monday. Kayange admitted they were an unknown potential. “We will go out strong, establish control and authority. This will be a fast game,” he predicted. Commenting about the next match against Papua New Guinea, Kayange said they were like any other Pacific Islanders. “The aim is to settle early and score very early into the game,” he offered.

Kayange expected a physical game against Samoa who are seeded third in the sixteen-team tournament. “It will be a tough match. If we stick to the game plan, it is possible to get a good result especially if we play with the Kenyan flair,” Kayange said.

The rugby players have been bonding well with other Kenyan athletes. “Some fear rugby players,” he joked. Today, the players were expected to have a feel of the competition venue before having time off to watch some of the action.

By finishing top of Pool C or second, Kenya could meet either Australia or England in the main cup quarterfinal.

Pool A: New Zealand, Scotland, Canada, Guyana
Pool B: South Africa, Wales, Tonga, India
Pool C: Samoa, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia
Pool D: England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Uganda

Order of play
South Africa v Tonga, Wales v India, New Zealand v Canada, Scotland v Guyana, England v Sri Lanka, Australia v Uganda, Samoa v papua New Guinea, Kenya v Malaysia, South Africa v India, Wales v Tonga, New Zealand v Guyana, Scotland v Canada, England v Uganda, Australia v Sri Lanka, Samoa v Malaysia, Kenya v Papua New Guinea, Tonga v India, Canada v Guyana, Sri Lanka v Uganda, Papua New Guinea v Malaysia, South Africa v Wales, New Zealand v Scotland, England v Australia, Samoa v Kenya.

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1 Australia 74 54 48 176
2 England 37 59 45 141
3 India 37 27 35 99
3 Canada 26 17 32 75
4 South Africa 12 11 10 33
5 Kenya 12 11 9 32
6 Malaysia 12 9 13 34
7 Nigeria 11 10 14 35
8 Singapore 10 10 9 29
9 Scotland 9 10 7 26
10 New Zealand 5 22 8 35
11 Cyprus 4 3 5 12
12 Northern Ireland 3 3 4 10
13 Samoa 3   1 4
14 Wales 2 7 10 19
15 Jamaica 2 4 1 7
16 Pakistan 2 1 2 5
17 Uganda 2     2
18 Bahamas 1 1 3 5
19 Sri Lanka 1 1 1 3
20 Nauru 1 1   2
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