• Three New Faces as Otula is Re-Elected KBF Chairman

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Apr 15, 2012-

The dust that was kicked before the Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) elections are just settling after the incumbent Paul Otula and almost his entire team were re-elected for another four year term.

There are only three new faces in the executive committee that will run the affairs of basketball for the next four years. They are George ‘Nyundo’ Omondi, Charles Goro and Ambrose Kisoi who were voted in as first vice chairman, assistant fixtures secretary and assistant secretary respectively.

Two officials - Vitalis Gode and Luke Ogolla were unopposed.

Otula, the Maseno School Principal was humble in his win saying that the election results were for the basketball fraternity and not to him as an individual.

Abraham ‘Abrash’ Muthogo who was challenging Otula for the top post conceded defeat after losing by 13 votes. Muthogo was the head of a group called ‘Team Change” who rallied the support of the basketball voters outlining an ambitious agenda to revitalize KBF.

They put up a spirited fight and the results were close more so for the post of second vice chairman where their candidate Elizabeth Odera lost by only one vote!

The elections which were overseen by Charles Nyaberi from the Kenya National Sports Council were conducted under a new constitution where 35 clubs were allowed to cast their votes.

Some 73 delegates - 35 from the clubs and 28 from the branches, eight from the executive and two from coaches - cast their votes in the largely peaceful elections which were also attended by Florence Kwamboka from the Independent Elections Boundaries Commission.

Omondi narrowly beat KBF Coast branch chairman Hilmi Ali 39-34. The new assistant secretary general is Ambrose Kisoi, a teacher from Upper Hill School and KBF Eastern Branch secretary.

One of the top coaches Charles Goro was voted in as the new assistant fixtures secretary. The post of second vice chairman was only won after Waingo Gitau, a veteran coach stepped down to support Namboboto High School principal Donald Liru.

The new KBF office does not have a woman. Angela Luchivya lost her bid to be secretary while Jane Makale stepped down in favor of Kisoi.

The dust could have settled but the close election results could serve to put the new KBF office in check about some of the issues which were raised by ‘Team Change.” All except two positions were closely contested which is an indicator of the popularity of the current office.

Elected officials Officials: Chairman:Paul Otula, 1st Vice-chairman; George ''Nyundo'' Omondi, 2nd Vice-chairman: Donald Liru, Secretary-general:Vitalis Gode, assistant secretary: Ambrose Kisoi, Treasurer: Peter Orero, assistant treasurer: Luke Ogolla, Fixtures secretary: Joseph Amoko, assistant fixtures secretary: Charles Goro.

How they scored Chairman: Paul Otula 43 Abraham Muthogo Kamau 30 1st Vice chairman: George ‘Nyundo’ Omondi 39 Hilmi Ali 34 2nd Vice chairman: Donald Liruh 37 Elizabeth Odera 36 Secretary General: Vitalis Gode (unopposed) Assistant Secretary General: Ambrose Kisoi 40 Bosire Bogonko 33 Treasurer: Peter Orero 42 Angela Luchivya 31 Assistant Treasurer: Luke Ogolla (unopposed) Fixtures Secretary: Joseph Amoko 44 David Demba 29 Assistant Fixtures: Charles Gorro 42 Edwin Oguta 31.



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