• What future for Elite amateur golfers?

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Jan 13, 2011-

Elite amateur golfers have a shaky start to the year which which promises to be quite busy. But even before the first tee, the elite amateur golfer must first digest a significant change in the 2011 Golfer of the Year (GOTY) event  - the Sigona Bowl.

This has has been reduced from a 54 hole tournament to 36 holes.

The reduction of rounds, is the first of many events planned for 2011.This change was made even after club captains protested to the Kenya Golf Union that members are restricted from the use of their course, because of the one GOTY event they host annually and therefore Sunday must be kept as a sacred members day.

Two questions immediately come to my mind one of which is if any consideration for their future was considered so that the standard of golf could be raised so that Kenya competes well at the international level.

In order to raise the standard of the game, golfers at this level must play a minimum of 54 holes and be encouraged to play 72 holes as often as possible.

In other parts of the world, amateurs play 72 hole tournament with a cut after 36 holes and this is the only acceptable length for world golf rankings.  No such 36 hole ‘cut’ happens in Kenya.

The move to reduce the length of GOTY events will have serious impact on the future of the elite golfer and to their standing internationally. The World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) is now widely recognised as the benchmark for elite golfers.   

Introduced from 1 January 2022 by the R&A, the World Amateur Golfing Ranking (WAGR) System ranks the top amateur golfers in the world on the basis of their average performance in counting events.   It covers 1800 tournaments worldwide over a rolling cycle for the previous 52 weeks for 5,100 golfers. 

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