Auckland Metro due to leave today

By sportsnewsarena correspondent
Oct 02, 2021

Auckland Metro, a New Zealand seven-a-side team who have been in the news for all the wrong reasons are due to leave for home today night.

A statement from the Kenya Rugby Union confirmed the players have been scheduled to fly out after missing their earlier flight on Sunday. But, the circumstances sorrounding what resulted in their missing the flight remains unexplained.

Two Auckland Metro players took to the social media to appeal for help after they alleged they had been abandoned by the KRU.

In the statement, Mwangi Muthee who we earlier contacted and sai he was on his way to meet with the players said they were still trying to establish what happened. The issue was supposed to discussed by the KRU Board.

He however met with the players at their hotel and explained KRU were unable to  get flight bookings for the team, once it failed to make the earlier scheduled departure on Sunday September 28, a few hours after the Safaricom Sevens where Auckland Metro lost 14-17 to Kenya Shujaa in the Plate Final.

“The coach/team manager and the physiotherapist were able to take the Sunday flight in Nairobi at 22.50 hours local time. The rest of the contingent say they were made to believe by a KRU liaison official that a later flight on Tuesday would be available and were happy to stay behind.

“But this assurance contradicted a travel agent’s statement saying flight connections from Dubai through Australian cities of Perth, Melbourne and Sydney were completely full the whole week.

“One player was able to travel out on Tuesday night, “Muthee said adding: “However, plans have been made that we route the rest of the players elsewhere, the alternatives being on Emirates or Kenya Airways flights to China and onward to New Zealand via China Airways. Through Australia is completely out this week.”

Muthee said flight connections from and to New Zealand are always difficult: “The KRU spent Sh27 million for return air tickets to all our visitors… from 11 countries including Argentina, Australia, Spain, Germany, Britain, South Africa and Fiji who returned home without a hitch."

“The Auckland Metro tickets had all been confirmed -- departure from New Zealand on September 24 via Dubai and return, Nairobi/Dubai on Sunday, September 28, at 22.50hrs.”

The KRU chairman dismissed information doing the rounds that the team missed its flight after partying, terming it baseless and untruthful.

“At a KRU Board meeting, later, we shall carry out an investigation on how apparent contradictory information about the travel details was communicated,” he said.