Blackrock winners Maseno for nationals

By sportsnewsarena correspondent
May 25, 2021
  • Ramadhan Bilal from Maseno School brushes off a tackle by Benjamin Kihoro of Strathmore School in the Blackrock Festival final. Maseno won 28-0. (Photo by Shutterspeed)

  • Sylvester Ogeto leads Maseno School in celebrating the St. Marys' School Blackrock Festival rugby trophy. Maseno have qualified for the nationals. (Photo by Shutterspeed)

Maseno School who won the St. Mary's School Blackrock tournament on Saturday are one of the schools who have qualified for this year's Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association 7's to be held in Nyeri from June 7.

The line up was completed after the completion of regional qualifiers at the weekend. One of the teams which will not be in Nyeri is Kakamega High School, a dominant force in years gone by. They were beaten by St. Peter's Mumias in the Kakamega County semifinals.

At the championship, hosts Aberdares will field four teams namely Githiga, Alliance, Thika High and Kerugoya Boys. Githiga stunned Alliance 19-14 in the regional final while Thika and Kerugoya who fell at the semifinal stage took up the two slots for Northern region which does not have schools playing rugby.

The championships will be held from June 7-14 in Nyeri County.

The line up: Kang'aru and Meru School (Highlands), Upper Hill and Muhuri Muchiri (Metropolitan), Galana and Shimba Hills (Coastal), Moi Sirgoi and Simotwa (Mau), Maseno and Homabay (Lake Region), St Peter's Mumias and Bungoma High (Nzoia ), Githiga High School, Alliance High,Thika High and Kerugoya Boys High (Aberdares Region).

On Saturday, Maseno School won the St. Mary's School Blackrock Festival. They beat Strathmore School 28-0 in the final. In the semi final, Maseno beat Lenana 28-0 while Strathmore School defeted Rift Valley Academy 10-7.

Kiambu High School won the Plate. They beat Aquinas 14-0. St. Aloysius took the Bowl after beating Parklands 28-0.

Attention turns to Prescott Cup, Damu Pevu and Damu Change leagues this week.

St. Mary's Blackrock results 

Pool A: RVA I 21 Pioneer 0, RVA I 49 Strathmore II 0, Pioneer 7 Strathmore II 7; Pool B: Maseno 41 RVA II 0, Maseno 14 Uhuru 0, Uhuru 0 RVA II 14; Pool C: Lenana 7 Ruthimitu 0, Lenana 14 Kilimoni 0, Ruthimitu 14 Kilimoni 0; Pool D: St. Mary's I 0 Rosslyn 0, St. Mary's I 14 St. Aloysius 0, Rosslyn 1 St. Aloysius 0; Pool E: Strathmore 21 Aquinas 0, Strathmore 14 Lenana II 0, Aquinas 21 Lenana II 0; Pool F: Kiambu High 0 Nairobi School 1, Kiambu High 14 Kangemi 0, Nairobi School 14 Kangemi 0; Pool G: Ofafa Jericho 49 Dagoretti 0, Ofafa Jericho 14 Sunshine 0, Dagoretti 0 Sunshine 0; Pool H: Upper Hill 7 Parklands 0, Upper Hill 0 Makini 7, Makini 7 Parklands 0.

Cup quarters: RVA I 15 Makini 0, St. Mary's 0 Strathmore 21, Maseno 7 Ofafa Jericho 0, Lenanana I 1 Nairobi School 0; Semi-finals: RVA I 7 Strathmore 10, Maseno 28 Lenana 0; Final: Srathmore 0 Maseno 21.  

Plate quarters: Pioneer 6 Upper Hill 7, Rosslyn 10 Aquinas 14, RVA II 7 Sunshine 35, Ruthimitu 0 Kiambu 21; Semi-finals: Upper Hill 0 Aquinas 7 (toss of coin), Sunshine 0 Kiambu 7 (toss of coin), Final: Aquinas 0 Kiambu 35.

Bowl quarters: Strathmore II 7 Parklands 0, St. Aloysius 42 Lenana II 0, Uhuru 7 Dagoretti 28, Kilimoni 0 Kangemi 14; Semi-final: Strathmore II 0 St. Aloysius 28, Dagoretti 8 Kangemi 7; Final: St. Aloysius 28 Dagoretti 0. 


Additional reporting by KRU.