Chess Grandmaster visits Kenya

Jul 21, 2021

A Dutch chess grandmaster is set to visit Kenya from Friday July 22,for a ten-day training programme and exhibition games.  

Grandmaster Dimitri Reinderman, one of Holland’s best players will be hosted by Nairobi Chess Club and is scheduled to play 30 Kenyan and Ugandan players simultaneously during one of the games.  His official itinerary starts with a 5 minute blitz game with Githinji Hinga, one of Kenya’s players. 

“The grandmaster clinic is part of a process by Nairobi Chess Club to revamp and reinvent the chess scene in Kenya. This year alone we have organized a regional league, several blitz championships and our members have supported other clubs in organizing various chess events. Next year we plan to send some top Kenya players out for international tournaments in Europe or Asia.” said the club chairman Kim Bhari.   

A grandmaster,GM in general is equipped with a great knowledge of various middle game strategies and endgame technique. "To get an inside look through the eyes of a top grandmaster at these openings will be priceless,” said one of Kenyas top players Mehul Gohil.     

GM  Reinderman will start a training session for leading Kenyan and Ugandan players on Friday, a program. The five Kenyan players selected for the training are Ben Magana, Martin Gateri , Mehul Gohil , Austin Okeyo and Githinji Hinga.  The Ugandans include East African champion Elijah Emojong, Harold Wanyama and Arthur Eshiwani.  

On Saturday the Grandmaster Reinderman will take on 35 players simultaneously in an event billed as ‘Reinderman vs The rest of Kenya’.This means he will be using barely seconds to make a move on every board and moving to the next as his opponents ponder their counter moves. 

The exhibition will showcase the grandmaster’s ‘chess stamina’ and ability to think through radically shifting scenarios.

“As Reinderman goes around the boards making his moves against different players it will be like a Governor who is forced to campaign and contest elections in more than one county over the same period of time. The Governor has to county-hop without a break of any kind.He is forced to keep changing his mindframe so as to keep in sync with the different characteristics of each individual constituency. In short, a very tough job that requires a special and flexible talent,” explained Mogul.

The title Grandmaster is awarded to strong chess players by the world chess organization FIDE. Apart from World Champion, Grandmaster is the highest title a chess player can attain. Once achieved, the title is held for life.   

GM Dimitri Reinderman's 'chess safari' is sponsored by Jacaranda Hotels, Tarpo Ltd, Nikolai Van Beek, Niels Lauritsen, Dutch Chess Federation and Chessevents EAC.  


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