Five top Ethiopian athletes being investigated for doping

By sportsnewsarena correspondent
Mar 01, 2021
  • Five 'high profile' Ethiopian athletes returned 'suspicious' results and are being investigated for doping.

Ethiopia, home to long and middle distance runners is the new center of focus for alleged doping after it was revealed that the Ethiopia's anti-doping agency are investigating five 'high-profile athletes for alleged doping.

Solomon Meaza, the general secretary of Ethiopia anti-doping agency told AP the athletes returned "suspicious" results and are anxiously waiting for he results.

Another four athletes are being sought by the IAAF and the Ethiopian agency has provided their contacts to the IAAF.

Because the investigation process has just started, Meaza was not at liberty to release the names of the athletes or the substances used but said: "There is real concern when the upcoming investigations arrive."

He added: To be clear, some banned (substances) were found in the five athletes. They will be summoned and asked if they have taken any banned substances (or) chemicals."

Already, Abeba Aregawi, a Swedish of Ethiopian origin has been suspended after a positive drug test.

Ethiopia will be the third country to be adversely mentioned in a doping scandal after Russia and Kenya, a few months before the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in summer.

Russia is already banned from International and track competition after the discovery of doping and cover ups.

Kenya is on the edge for similar allegations and has up to April 5 to comply with the World Anti Doping Authority requirements.