Forget your egos and embrace dialogue!

By eric odanga
Sep 12, 2013
  • KRU Board members Godwin Karuga Director and Member, Fixtures & Competitions Committee(far left), Chairman Mwangi Muthee(second right) and Alexander Mutai Vice Chairman & Chair, Commercial and Marke

No week passes without Kenya Rugby Union being in the news. But what kind of news comes from the Ngong Road hub from where rugby is being run?

It is a mix of good and bad news. What effect does this have on the sport? Ask the sponsors (they are not that many) who do not like any dot of controversy.

Like any sports association, KRU may have administrative hiccups with people pulling in opposite directions.

It is also possible that the individuals are not separated from KRU which may paint the Union in bad picture especially in the spirit of collective responsibility.

Collective responsibility is sometimes hard to embrace especially if the motives are not in tandem with what the association is striving to achieve.

Kenyan rugby is an international brand, thanks to the seven-a-side rugby team which has put the country on the rugby map.

With meagre resources, the players have gained respect from established countries in the International Rugby Board World Sevens Series.

The achievements by the team have come from a patriotic bond and resolve by the players and technical bench with the KRU fully backing them. Also, great strides have been realized in the 15’s and junior rugby teams.

Agreed, we could have some rotten eggs at KRU among a bunch of good ones. It is the bad eggs that get noticed because of their foul smell.

So many issues have been raised and sometimes the silence at the Ngong Road office is so muted. They do not have to respond to every allegation but for good governance the KRU godfathers are answerable to the electorate and the rugby fraternity.

KRU also have a constitution which ‘should’ be a guiding tool. The current office also made promises to be open and accountable, promises which they should uphold.

Controversies will always be there. It is the way in which they are handled which either gives hope or spells doom.

What could be a better way than dialogue! Why is it so hard for issues at the KRU to be resolved through dialogue. It boils down to individual egos. This has been the bane of the current KRU administration.

Rugby is much bigger than your egos for the sake of the game.