Kenya dominate regional challenge

By samson ateka
Nov 28, 2021
  • Kenya is poised to win the FIM Africa Central Africa Motocross Challenge which ends on Sunday at the Jamhuri Park track.

Kenya riders dominated day one of the FIM Africa Central Africa Motocross Challenge staged at Jamhuri Park racetrack on Saturday.

Former MX85 champion Elias Sherman who has since upgraded to a 2016 model of KTM bike- upset newly crowned champion Ngugi Waweru in the MX125 class thriller.

Kenya swept the top six positions in the category with the highest placed Ugandan Yasser Omar coming in seventh.

Ethan Nyachae of Kenya won MX85 class with excellent cornering and jump stunts. Uganda won two classes courtesy Maxime Van Pee in MX1 and Alexia Van Pee in MX65.

Maxime who is Uganda's star rider defeated Apollo Mbuki of Kenya in MX1 whilst Tutu Maina who has since moved on to Enduros came in third.

Mbuki who is now riding professionally in the US fell off his bike in the early moments of the heat and couldn't catch up with a hard-charging Maxime as the race wore on. "I think I will be better prepared tomorrow. Maxime is such a good rider though so thrills and spills guaranateed in this race tomorrow," said Apollo who is a former African champion.

Heats 2 and 3 continue tomorrow at Jamhuri Park. This year's race will, unlike previous years, be a one leg affair and the winning country tomorrow takes it all.

Selected Heat 1 Results: MX125 1. Elias Sherman (KEN) 20 2. Ngugi Waweru (KEN) 17 3. Walter Kuria (KEN) 15 4. Githuku Mungai (KEN) 13 5. Orobia Malungu (KEN) 11 6. Alex Moi (KEN) 10 7. Yasser Omar (UG) 9

MX 50 1. Jaiden Takkunen (KEN) 20 2. Neo Wahome (KEN) 17 3. Kit Garner (KEN) 15 4. Milton Akaki (UG) 13 5. Isabella Blick (UG) 11 6. Alon Orland (UG) 10 7. Amina Z. Mayanja (UG) 9 8. Danny Kyambadde (UG) 8