Kenya retains Gilberson & Page Trophy

By sportsnewsarena correspondent
Aug 06, 2015
  • Kenya retained the Gilberson and Page trophy for the fourth time after narrowly beating Zambia in Harare.

Kenya has retained the G&P Trophy for an unprecedented four time in Harare, Zimbabwe.

They won narrowly on 38 points, one better than Zambia (37) who came from third place after the first Test Match on Tuesday.

Host Zimbabwe finished last with 33 points. It was a very poor start for the Kenyans today who only managed four points from the morning foursomes, whilst Zimbabwe and Zambia got seven points each.

Only Christina and Kelli won their foursomes matches.

In the singles, Zambia raced ahead, albeit too late winning 17 points in the singles.

Kenya only managed 13 points and Zimbabwe 6 points. However, keeping Zimbabwe at bay was a good strategy as they lost key matches.