Kibaki orders speedy London Olympics probe

Aug 21, 2021

Even President Mwai Kibaki was rattled by team Kenya’s performance at the just concluded Olympic Games, and is now awaiting the report from probe on what exactly went wrong in London.

Kibaki who attended the opening ceremony of the games expects the Ministry of Sports to report the findings of the performance which was raising concern among Kenyans,promptly.

He also hopes that the report will help the country in future sporting events.

“We are proud of Kenya’s position as a leading sporting nation. Let us never take that for granted,” said Kibaki at the State House gardens in Nairobi when he presented the flag to the Kenya Motocross team that will compete at the Federation of International Motocross 2012 Continental Championships in Uganda. 

Kenyans viewed calls for a probe soon after the team returned home last Wednesday as a mundane measure by the government to quell anxieties, considering past reports meant to shed light on national team performances have never been released nor acted upon.

Kibaki, perharps in reference to reports of mishandling of team Kenya by the National Olympic Committee of Kenya before and during the games, as well possible tensions between Athletics Kenya and NOCK officials, reminded sports federations and officials that they only held leadership positions in trust, on behalf of Kenyans.

The President asked sports managers to show transparency and accountability in their leadership at all times so as not to bring sports into disrepute.

“They must, therefore, at all times put the needs and aspirations of the sporting fraternity above any other consideration,”Kibaki said.

President Kibaki also urged sportsmen and women to uphold the hard work exhibited in past championships, bearing in mind that other young people look upon them as role models.

Speaking during the occasion, Youth Affairs and Sports Minister Dr. Paul Otuoma said his ministry recognized the importance of youth development and was working closely with the Ministry of Education in early identification and development of young talents.



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