Kisima Farm hosts 52 riders in FIM Africa Cross Country of African Nations

By samson ateka
Jun 17, 2021
  • Ian Duncan will be one of he individuals competing at the FIM Cross Country at Kisima Farm in Meru this Saturday. (SNA File Photo)

Shivam Vinayak, Tutu Maina, Alan De Boer and Ross Field are among the top riders Kenya will field in Saturday's FIM Africa Cross Country of African Nations at Kisima Farm in Meru County.

Others big names in the Kenya team include Ben Spinks, Shaun Miller and Andrew Pleasance. Tutu who has since quit motocross and gone off-road has a new Beta 250 two -Stroke Enduro bike. 

South Africa has entered two riders while Uganda and Botswana have one each with Tanzania sending 10.

Among the riders in the Tanzania team are Per Bjerre, Alpha Malimda, Pieter Van, A. Koster and Lane Simonson.

Preparations to stage the event according to East African Motor Sports Club Chairman Chris Wahome "are at an advanced stage". Wahome said a total of 52 riders will participate in the event.

The continental Cross Country is one of the major highlights of the 2015 Motorsport season which revved-off in February with the Kenya National Motocross Championship round 1.

Second time

This will be the second time that Kenya will be staging this prestigious championships. The first time Kenya hosted the FIM off-road event was in 2011 at the expansive Soysambu Conservancy bringing together top African nations including South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Quads will also feature in the event. Shazar Anwar and Zane Young will be the men the country will peg its hopes on for success.

Meanwhile, organisers have confirmed officials for the FIM event. The Jury President is Anne Troughton who is synonymous with the organisation of Enduros and Raids. The Foreign Jury Member is Gillian Dykes while Wahome is the FMNR Jury Member.

The Clerk of Course for the event is Renzo Bernardi assisted by multiple motocross open class champion Anthony Nielsen. The Chief Technical Steward is Mbabu Muturi who has also ridden in National Enduros and Raids.

Chief scorers are Chris Eden and Raju Chaggar while Assistant Technical Stewards are Maina Muturi and Rolf Davey. The Secretariat will be handled by Anita Eden, Anita Nielsen and Lindsay Takkunen. Anita Nielsen will also double up as the Jury Secretary .

The Chief Medical Officer is Dr Ben Ochieng from Mombasa. Chief Environmental Officer is Sari Sherman while the Chief Safety Officer is Sheryl Kibaki. The Service Area/ pits will be handled by Jenny Davey. The Chief Marshall is Rolf Davey.

Kenya team riders

Class B1: Shivam Vinayak, Tutu Maina, Karan Sehmi, Lorian Douglas Dufrense; Class A1: Lloyd Destro; Class B2:. Alan De Boer, Ben Spinks, Shaun Miller, Andrew Pleasance, Ross Field; Class B3: Vincent Bolanger, Shazar Anwar, Zane Young; Class B8: Danielle Spinks; Class B9: Chantal Young.

Individuals:  Franco Checchini, Robbie Calder, Mark Glen, Ian Duncan, David Lawrence Brown, Danilo Pucci, Wangai Kimeria, Gerald Taylor, Milan Shah, Othman Raddadi, Markus Takkunen, Ralf Spinks, Calleb Swart, Caleb Simonson, Per Bjerre, Alpha Malinda, Hansi B.,(Tanzania), Alex Van Der Voor, Pieter Van, Aart Koster, lane Simonson, Nate Hilton (Tanzania), Jorgen Nielsen, Alan W. Tom Taylor, Malcom Destro, Vincent C. (Botswana), Tes (RSA), Ashi Young (Uganda), Edcan Bester (RSA); National Enduro: W. Berkhout, Adam Miller, Joost H., Joost Zuurbier, Ben Pontier, Gavin M., Gurraj Singh.