KPL governing council backs stand on 16 team league

By sportsnewsarena correspondent
Feb 03, 2022
  • KPL CEO Jack Oguda.(Photo by Shutterspeed)

The Kenyan Premier League,KPL governing council met on Tuesday in Nairobi and re-affirmed their position on the format of the controversial 2015 top flight.

The governing council consists of all club chairmen and in their meeting, they signed an agreement to continue playing in the KPL vowing not to drift to the Football Kenya Federation run FKF Premier League.

FKF held an Special General meeting last Friday in Kakamega and they passed resolutions to immediately cut ties with KPL, all this coming as a result of a disagreement over an expansion of the league to 18 teams.

KPL in their statement signed by the CEO Jack Ogudafter the council meeting announced:

“KPL declared it will now ignore any FKF decisions and threats which violate the previous FIFA and FKF-KPL cooperation agreements and arrangements over the last decade.

Instead of wasting any more time and energy on unproductive wrangles, the Governing Council decided to refocus KPL’s limited resources on continuing to make the KPL one of the most corruption-free, professionally managed, highly competitive and widely admired leagues in Africa."

According to Oguda, the new season begins on February 21 with the fixtures set to be released soon.

At the same time, they have dangled an enticing carrot on referees after passing that their fees will be raised for the new season. There was growing fear that the match officials who are all registered with FKF might shy away from officiating the KPL run league fearing the federations’sanctions.

FKF-KPL past agreement to count for match officials

“On the selection, testing and appointment of match officials, the Governing Council agreed to abide by the FKF-KPL joint arrangements as in previous years.

However, if FKF refuses to cooperate, then from February 9, KPL will undertake those functions directly. If, as it has threatened to do, FKF bans the match officials selected by KPL, then KPL will insist that those bans all be rescinded before engaging in any future discussions with FKF,”the KPL statement read.

Oguda indeed confirmed they have finally received the FIFA independent consultant’s report and have now asked the federation to fast track its implementation.

“The report addressed the bone of contention which is the number of teams in the league and it clearly states the league should have 16 teams. We should respect FIFA and it will only be prudent for FKF to implement the recommendations,” he added.

Football Kenya Federation has meanwhile called for a clubs meeting on Thursday to chat the way forward for their league where they are expected to come out with a list of the teams who will play in their league.

Already, Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier, who is also the KPL chairman, has affirmed that h the premier league champions will play in the KPL League.

The governing council meeting was attended by 14 KPL chairmen while two, Ulinzi and Bandari sent apologies.