Learning curve for Kenya Lionesses

By the punter
May 30, 2021
  • Australia lost to Canada in the final but won the overall title. (Photo Courtesy)

Mike Shamiah, the Kenya Lionesseses head coach acknowledged the women's team had a lot to learn by participating in the last leg of the World Rugby Women's Sevens Series in France.

"We played against very worthy opponents, we played against top tier teams which we've never faced before.

We picked up very good lessons in terms of how we defend and attack against very experienced teams and how to manage the game when we are winning and when we are down. We also picked valuable lessons in player management,"   he told KRU website.

Kenya Lionesses recorded their maiden win against Japan to finish 11th. "It feels good registering a win after a great two days of rugby. We took our chances and converted them into scoring opportunities.

Our defense was brilliant and our running out wide was also very effective. Our half backs did the job well and we took the result."

The WRWSS was one of the teams' build up for the Olympics.  "We have a training game against Romania this coming Wednesday, then back to camp in France from where we shall proceed to the Roma Sevens on 11 June before heading back home. We will continue to test our players and give them the exposure to high intensity competition."

Kenya Lionesses beat Japan 12-5. In this match, they started confidently and it was KCB winger Janet " Shebesh" Okelo who scored the opening try.

In the Bowl semi-finals, Kenya lost 12-27 to Russia. Okelo and Celestine Masinde scored for Kenya Lionesses.

In Demark, Shujaa lost 20-34 to Sussies Saloon in the final of Amsterdam Sevens. Try scorers for Shujaa were  Felix Ayange, Frank Wanyama, Billy Odhiambo and Humphrey Mulama.

They reached the cup semis by beating  Tenlct Rhinos 28-5 and Gorgia 14-12.

Benjamin Ayimba, the Kenya Sevens head coach said he was satisfied with reaching the final. "The players did extremely well and there is great promise for Kenya Sevens," Ayimba stated.


Cup quarter finals: England 21 USA 12, New Zealand 19 France 12, Australia 35  Spain 0, Canada 12 Fiji 5; Semi-finals: England 10, Canada 31, New Zealand 5 Australia 14; Final: Australia 19 Canada 29.

Play-off: England 5 New Zealand 22. 

Plate semis: USA 14 Fiji 12, France 17 Spain 0; Final: USA 19 France 22  

Play-off: Fiji 10 Spain 12 

Bowl semi-finals: Kenya 12 Russia 27, Japan 0 Ireland 33; Final: Russia 24  Ireland 7.

Play-off: Kenya 12 Japan 5  

Pool A: England, Spain, USA, Kenya

England 26 USA 7, Spain 5 Kenya 37,  England 22  Kenya 0, Spain 12 USA 10, England 26 Spain 7, USA 31 Kenya 0.

Pool B: New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Japan

New Zealand 32 Russia 0, Canada 21 Japan 15, New Zealand 40 Japan 0, Canada 29 Russia 12, New Zealand 19 Canada 17, Russia 19 Japan 17.

Pool C: Australia, France, Fiji, Ireland.

Australia 34 Fiji 0, France 40 Ireland 0, Australia 40 Ireland 5, France 10 Fiji 14,   Australia 19 France 12, Fiji 19 Ireland 14.

Compiled from World Rugby and KRU