Nielsen for Africa Cross Country Event

By samson ateka
Mar 27, 2021
  • Kenya motocross has produced some outstanding riders such as Anthony Nielsen who will lead a team of riders to Zambia for an Africa cross country challenge. (SNA File Photo)

Anthony Nielsen, the Kenyan Enduro champion leads a strong team of four riders to the 2014 FIM AFRICA Cross Country Championship to be hosted by Zambia on the first weekend of April.

The Kenyan team will also enjoy the services of fast-paced off-road stalwart Ross Field, 2013 Rally Raid's most improved rider Shaun Miller and Alan De Boer who is no stranger to FIM Africa sanctioned events.

Shaun, Ross and Nielsen used to race together back in the days in the 65cc class and representing the country at the Zambia extravaganza rekindles old memories when the trio fought out for positions on Kenyan motocross tracks.

"We have maintained our friendship over the years and still enjoy racing against each other to date. Now with Alan de Boer on board, we are more than just happy to fly Kenya's higher in the FIM Africa Cross country championship in Siouvonga. Team Kenya can no longer be taken lightly at the Championships this time round," said Nielsen who believes they are good to go after all the heavy training over the past few months.

Nielsen was the first Kenyan to score points at the South African round of the World Motocross Championship in Sun City a few years back and has been the captain for Kenya over the years. He admitted this is the strongest team the country has ever lined up for the FIM Cross Country African Championship. "The team is composed of very experienced and talented riders," quipped Anthony.

Last year, Alan de Boer and Nielsen represented Kenya in Namibia during the FIM Africa Cross Country event.

Fairy tale Dakar Rally

Allan and Nielsen are using several off-road events across the African continent as a dress rehearsal for their "fairy tale" participation in the 2015 Dakar Rally. "Standards have been set and only the sky's the limit for Team Kenya in Zambia," said Nielsen who currently leads the Kenya National Enduro series after round One in Limuru.

Allan, who is the youngest member of the Kenyan team at 26, sounded quite febrile about the forthcoming championship and Kenya's participation. "The essence is to make lots of noise, create lots of dust, burn lots of fuel, shred lots of rubber, push our machines to the limits and get across the finish line with the rest of Team Kenya in one piece," said De Boer.

Shaun has been riding bikes for many years and admits he has not only come of age, but had the bug from the day he stopped crawling. "I did my first motocross race in 1983 at 3 years old on an Italjet 50. I could hardly hold my head up as my helmet was far too big. I still have the bike," said Shaun who rode his heart out in the 2013 Kenya Rally Raid championship only to lose to eventual champ Sean Wilcock by a mere three points!

Team Kenya will be managed by longstanding motorsport administrator Anne Troughton and Abigail Gustafson.

The FIM Africa event has attracted 85 riders so far from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Congo.

Off Road Championship

The FIM Africa Cross Country Continental Championship which will also incorporate the first round of the Southern Off Road Championship will take place from 4-5 April 2014 at Siavonga in Zambia. The event is open to all riders and teams from FIM AFRICA member countries and who are eligible to score points in the FIM AFRICA Cross Country Team Championship.

Kenya remains one of the strongest supporters of the FIM Africa organized events, according to the Motorcycle Commission chairman of Kenya Motor Sports Federation (KMSF) Maina Muturi.

Muturi who is also the Vice-President of FIM Africa (in charge of environment) disclosed that Kenya will also send a strong team of riders to first round of the FIM Africa Central Africa Challenge (CAC) that will be held in Kampala, Uganda on the weekend of April 19-20. "Kenya will also be entering a team to the FIM Africa Continental Motocross Championship that will take place in Zambia in August," said Maina.