Nyachae and Waweru steer Kenya to FIM-Africa regional title

By samson ateka
Dec 01, 2021
  • Ethan Nyachae moves to MX 125 next season. (Photo by Shutterspeed)

Ethan Nyachae and Ngugi Waweru were crowned the new Kenya and regional motocross champions as the muddy and slippery FIM Africa Central Africa Challenge came to a dramatic end at Jamhuri Park racetrack on Sunday.

Despite tough muddy conditions, Nyachae and Waweru who are graduating to new classes next season impressed with their blistering pace on muddy straights and slippery corners.

Waweru who is moving up to MX2 class next year led Kenyans to sweeping the top six positions with Elias Sherman and Walter Kuria sealing a breathtaking podium dash.

Uganda's Yasser Omar could only manage seventh. "Its was tough riding on mud. This is the wettest it has ever been in a long time and glad the difficult conditions did little to dampen the spirits of Kenya riders.

Ugandans have come of age and cannot be taken lightly anymore. Next year I will be graduating to MX2 so I hope to take my competition to a different level," said Waweru.

Twelve year-old Nyachae who is moving up to MX125 and Rolf Kihara took the first two positions in MX85 with Ugandan Aviv Orland (UG) settling for third.

"It is a great experience testing our skills in the mud. I'm surprised that even the 50cc diminutives had a good battle under the conditions. I'm looking forward to MX125 next year more so when we go to Uganda," said Nyachae.

Elias Sherman said: "Today (Sunday) wasn't the best ride for me. Yesterday (Saturday) I gave Waweru quite a fight in our MX125 race. I'm now focusing on my campaign next year. My old bike was a 2013 which is not much of a difference than my new 2016 model which is lighter," said Sherman.

Star rider in Uganda

Kenyans dominated most of the classes with Ugandas Maxime Van Pee and Stav Orlad winning MX1 and MX65 respectively. Maxime who is currently the star rider in Uganda Motocross outpaced Kenya's Apollo Mbuki in all the three heats.

Notable absentee in the Kenyan MX1 brigade was Ivan Guya who has proceeded to London for further studies. Mbuki, who will soon be riding professionally in the United States, was all smiles despite losing the MX1 fight to the crack Ugandan Maxime.

"The race was tough for me. I struggled a lot with the track because it rained a lot overnight and rains persisted on the day. Saturday's heat one was fine," said Mbuki adding: "he (Maxime) is really good rider on the mud.

I put up a good fight and did my best. I'm really looking forward to facing him in dry conditions. I will be riding in Chicago during summer then compete in Georgia over winter."

Former MX1 champion Tutu Maina made a comeback to Motocross ostensibly to shore up the Kenyan team campaign against the neighbours. "I only ride in enduros these days but came back for this race to help Kenya claim more points. The race was good.

I lost second heat points when the engine of my KTM ceased on first lap. In the third heat I had to contend with carburettor problems," said Tutu.

Heat 1 was held on Saturday whilst Heats 2 and 3 took place Sunday. This year's race will, unlike previous years, was a one leg affair after FIM Africa failed to recognise the initial race held in Kampala.

During the race, Kenyan riders recaptured the FIM Africa Central Africa Motocross Challenge title after defeating their perennial rivals Uganda 939-393.

Selected Results -FIM AFRICA CAC

MX1: Maxime Van Pee (Uganda) 60, Apollo Mbuki (Kenya) 51, Isaac Kuria (Kenya) 39, Tutu Maina (Kenya) 30, Andre Antoine (Kenya) 26.

MX125: Ngugi Waweru (Kenya) 57, Elias Sherman (Kenya) 52, Walter Kuria (Kenya) 43, Githuku Mungai (Kenya) 41, Orobia Malungu (Kenya 32, Alex Moi (Kenya) 32, Yasser Omar (Uganda) 28.

MX85:  Ethan Nyachae (Kenya) 60, Rolf Kihara (Kenya) 47, Aviv Orland (Uganda) 31.

MX50: Jaiden Takkunen (Kenya) 60, Neo Wahome (Kenya) 45, Isabella Blick (Uganda) 43, Alon Orland (Uganda) 41, Milton Akaki (Uganda) 36.